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Friday, December 21, 2012

T-shirt Coupon Codes, Discounts & Deals

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Why hunt all over the Internet for the best coupon codes from your favorite t-shirt printers when Shirts on Sale, the discount t-shirt deals source, collects them all right here?

As far as we can tell, these coupons never expire:

Always Free Domestic Shipping

Remember, using our links to visit these retailers reminds them that Shirts on Sale is committed to bringing you the best t-shirt sales and coupons in the Internet and helps us keep the SoS inexpensive t-shirts machine running efficiently and effectively, something we wouldn't be able to do without the hard work of others.

Did you find a new or better coupon? Does one of the above coupon deals not work? Would you like to see your t-shirt company featured here? Send us an e-mail and we'll take care of it as soon as possible.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

If You Believe...You'll Clap Real Hard!

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Because I'm prone to longwindedness (see, even that word was long), I'm going to try to make this as short and sweet as possible.  Yes, Shirts on Sale is dead...and it's totally my fault.  Due to certain circumstances in my life (nothing's wrong, don't worry!), we are unable to maintain the high level of quality you've come to expect from our site.  We would rather shutter our doors than offer our awesome community less-than-stellar service.

This change has nothing to do with our committed writers and their work.  Ryan and I both agree that the current lineup, our biggest cohort of creatives, is the very best we've worked with over our twenty-five months of existence (yeah...we've been doing this for a while).  I would like to thank all of you for amazing commentary: Kirsten, you would make me laugh...sometimes unintentionally.  Jaime's final post literally brought a tear to my eye, but that won't stop me from checking out her catilicious blog, 3 Cats, 1 PianoCarmen was there whenever possible, always pumping out quality reviews.  I apologize, Meredith Strub, for not giving you a chance to say your goodbyes at the end...but I hope you blame teextile and not Ryan or myself for that missed opportunity; I already miss your insightful and entertaining updates.  Aleks and Timothy Kerlin (a.k.a. ConcernedCitizen), I hate to squeeze you both into the same sentence, but I'm sure it won't be misconstrued; your sense of humor is often amazing and sometimes inscrutable, but that won't stop me from loving you....I'm looking forward to keeping up with Tim, 140 characters or fewer at a time (and you should too).  All of these writers offer the highest quality work and I would recommend them to any project that comes their way (hint..hint).

But that's not all.  Many of of our visitors have appreciated our Shirt.Woot resources, none of which would have been possible without the commitment of two amazing people.  Tyler Gaylord, a regular Shirt.Woot shopper, has been responsible for the Shirt.Woot catalogs for longer than I can remember.  Day in and out he has maintained the single best resource for Shirt.Woot consumers in existence (until today).  Alongside him (although, likely, many states away) Boni has produced the best, most interesting Shirt.Woot statistics you can shake a stick at.  Looking through these numbers is like being the kid who was supposed to go to sleep but stays up to hear the "adult conversation."  If we're lucky, she'll continue to pull back the curtain on this occasionally secretive sect, so keep visiting those pages.

Ryan, you've been a part of Shirts on Sale through the good and the good (we haven't really had any "bad," have we?).  There aren't words to express my appreciation for you.  Walking this tightrope has been easy with the knowledge that you're below to catch me (now that picture could get ugly, couldn't it?).  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!  In case I haven't made it clear how important/special/wonderful you are, I hope the fact that you get your own paragraph makes it rock!

In case you're wondering, these people have created this site for you out of respect for the cause and very little monetary gain.  They all deserve a nice little "thank you" in the comments for their sweat and tears (corporate policy has forbidden the shedding of blood for the cause as a result of that gruesome 2007 incident).

So...that about covers everyone, doesn't it?  I.. what!?  I forgot you.  Thank you so much everyone for your kind words, gentle reminders that we forgot a shirt, pithy comments and questions.  You've made running Shirts on Sale a rewarding endeavor even for a fictional persona (I.. what!?  Eden Rock's not a real name?? No. No, it's not.)  While you're too numerous to name (and I'm scared I'll forget someone), please remember that every comment you've left, every email you've sent, has been warmly received and appreciated (except for that one about my mom...that was uncalled for).

But now here's the test...only You can bring Shirts on Sale back to life (you're pretty close to the mark, stevenneo) by proving how Devoteed you are (No.  All the tshirt-related punny URLs were not taken).  We have created a sister website where you have a chance to let people know about great t-shirt sales, discounts and deals.  This is our "parting" gift to the community...the very first crowdsourced t-shirt sales website.

I'm truly sorry about the full day delay in starting this project, but that occurred because I'm not content with the current underlying structure of the site; at the very last minute, I tried to find a better solution.  And while I'm finalizing that process, I need you to prove that we can make this happen.  Over the next month we'll happily give away prizes to the best content creators and most active participants at the brand new social shirts on sale site, Devoteed.  And we have so much faith in you, we're throwing the entire weight of Shirts on Sale behind you!

If you're wondering what you can do on Devoteed there are instructions on how to proceed, but your input is necessary.  Please contribute your time, expertise and experience to help us perpetuate the most awesome t-shirt sale site in existence.  Of course, if you find any bugs or confusing spots, please let me know.

Those of you who believe you've got a Comment Appreciation Month prize coming, don't worry.  We appreciate your comments Mike, Mr_Muffins and'll see a nice little surprise in your inbox shortly!


(Can you believe that was the short version?)