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Advertise Directly to T-shirt Buyers

Advertising on the Shirts on Sale website Shirts on Sale PageRank is an excellent and inexpensive way to make sure your money is best spent. Over 1,000 readers a day visit us to discover and buy quality t-shirts at reasonable prices -- establishing Shirts on Sale as the most-visited daily resource for teeshirt sales on the Internet.

Your marketing dollar is valuable and that's why we ensure your ad will not get lost amid a glut of competitors' as happens on most other t-shirt review websites and portals. We run our program in-house, and are often able to outsmart programs like Adblock Plus.

You currently have three inexpensive advertising options (feel free to mix and match) to reach the more than 30,000 unique monthly visitors to whom we serve over 75,000 pages! (as of 08/19/09)

Bronze Package - Free Advertising

If you sell T-shirts, there are several ways you can get your site mentioned at Shirts on Sale without spending a penny upfront:
  • We are happy to write posts about any current t-shirt sale, special coupon or deal from your website as long it meets with our editorial standards for excellence.
  • If your website doesn't fit our criterion for inclusion above, we would still love for you to create an expiration free coupon for our collection -- and we'll write a post about your website to announce its addition to our list. All t-shirt vendors and printers are welcome.
  • Offer to sponsor one of our contests and we'll gladly give your website credit (and SEO-friendly links) for your contribution.

Silver Package ($10/month) - Under Construction

For only $10 you can appreciate the rewards of a slot in our rotating list of ten text-links in our sidebar. Your link will be mixed in with both sponsored links and other websites that interest us. The monthly nature of the links and mixed-content encourage visibility and reader interest. Links change on or about the beginning of the month and all ad buys are valid for at least 28 days.

Gold Package ($40/month)

Purchase one of four 125x125 "above the fold" banners for $40/month (28-31 days) and enjoy sensational exposure for your visual message. Throughout the month you are allowed to change the image or landing page as often as you wish, as long as you give us at least 72 hours notice to make the change.

Platinum Package ($30/week)

For the ultimate audience exposure, consider prime placement at the top of our most trafficked page after our homepage, the invaluable Shirt.Woot catalog. Not only will your 468x60 banner benefit from excellent public attention, we offer a 5% discount for every extra week you include in your initial purchase -- up to 25% off (e.g. a two-week buy would save 5%, a three-week buy would save 10%, etc.). Throughout the campaign you are allowed to change the image or landing page as often as you wish, as long as you give us at least 72 hours notice to make the change.

Take the initiative and advertise on the Internet's most-visited daily resource for t-shirt sales. We promise you won't regret it.

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