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Holiday/New Years T-shirt Coupons and Sales (2008)

It is with sad hearts that we, die-hard supporters of the anti-Christmas creep movement, debut the t-shirt community's first collection of holiday sales and coupons for 2008. Thanks to the influx of tshirt printers and designers who have have already started extending the length of their coupons right on through the New Year, we have no choice but to start writing our list and checking it twice before Thanksgiving (which might be a great time to sound out your slightly soused Aunt Hildie's sentiments on graphic versus pithy tshirts).

While Rangga put together a swell collection of coupons and sales last year, we're sure that retailers in these tough economic times are going to try even harder to part you and your hard-earned cash. With a little judicious planning, and your regular daily visit to Shirts on Sale, you should be able to find the perfect individualized gifts for everyone you care for with time and money to spare -- or you could just be the best-looking little grinch and only buy teeshirts for yourself at a nice deep discount.

If you find a missing coupon or sale, please let us know.

Coupons & Sales Good Through the Holiday Shopping Season
(in alphabetical order):

  • Save 10% on one t-shirt, 20% on two and 30% on three or more at AAITSKI through the end of the year.
  • Alrightok is offering 25% off their entire stock through the New Year.
  • Save £3 or $6 on any purchase at Bang Bang T-shirts and get free global shipping through January 1st.
  • Enjoy 10% off at Busted Tees with the coupon BT1152958 as well as free shipping on four or more shirts through the end of the year.
  • Cassida will give you 20% off through the end of the year with the coupon discount20.
  • 12% off at Crazy Go Lucky through the New Year.
  • 3 non-sale t-shirts for the price of 2 with the coupon 3for2 through the end of the year at Disturbia Clothing. Free U.K. shipping.
  • You can now save 30% on any orders of $40 or more at Donkeyshines with the coupon donkey8 through Dec. 28th.
  • Get up to 30% off apparel and accessories at Fat Rabbit Farm Clothing through January 1st.
  • Fullbleed is now offering 15% off all orders until December 31st.
  • 10% off all tees until the end of December with code giftmas at I'm a Hot Tee
  • Use the coupon IveBeenNaughty to save 5% off $50, 10% off $100, 15% off $150 and 20% off $200 at J!NX through the end of the year.
  • You can save 25% off your purchase with the coupon BUDDYHOLLY through January 2nd at Moises Made It.
  • Monstar Clothing has $10 t-shirts and free shipping through January 3rd.
  • Use the coupon NoiseBotReallyFrigginLovesMe to save 15% at NoiseBot through the end of the month.
  • Get a full 50% off your apparel order at PopJunkie until December 31.
  • Stop by Prestigious with the coupon holidaysale in hand to save 15% on your purchase through January 3rd.
  • You can also save 50% off all items at Pyknic Clothing with the coupon TACKSFORSNACKS09 as we head into the New Year.
  • Regal Clothing offers 10% off your order if you use the coupon HAMMER through the end of the month.
  • All tees are $16.99 at Rizzo Tees and the coupon SHIRTSONSALE gets you an extra 20% off through 12/31.
  • 10% off all tees at Robit Studios with the coupon robot_love through 12/31.
  • T-shirts from $5-$15, free shipping on all orders over $40 and a $69 vintage cruisers t-shirt gift pack (5 tees) through the end of the year from SackWear.
  • Slugabed Clothing is offering $5 off every item with the coupon 5off through the New Year.
  • Use this link to save 30% off all The Affair t-shirts through December 31st.
  • All shirts are between $8-$12 and free shipping when you order 3 or more at Zeroboutique through January 1st.
  • You may also want to stop by Coty Gonzales' Post-Christmas sale collection
  • And don't forget to visit our expiration-free coupons page for year-round deals and to look for doubling opportunities.
Image of the cold hottie used with the permission of MyVirtualLady. If you've got a thing for her, why not check out the My Virtual Lady shop?

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Eden said...

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Who cares? Is that you Eden? This is now my favorite site.

Eden said...

Happy that a little virtual T&A is all it takes. You can see a bunch more lovely ladies like our little Santa-esse by visiting the creator's link at the bottom of the update.

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