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Shirt.Woot Derby Top Tens

The top ten best selling derby shirts

Shirt# SoldPlaceArtistDerbyAvailable
Donut Panic!12,3841capttylor34062Yes
The epic begins11,6621DeadFrog076Yes
Some Motivation Required.11,1891nrarmen083Yes
The Binge10,0651tjost111Yes
Music is Life8,8601sekiyoku088Yes
The cake
is a liar.
Grim Optimism8,2801ramyb073Yes
You Have To Try This Guys8,0571fablefire082Yes

Top ten best selling other shirts (commissioned, editor's
choice, etc)

Shirt# SoldArtistAvailable
Fat Unicorn9,026rglee129No
It Came Out Of Nowhere8,985Aled LewisYes
Friends are Forever5,948RadiomodeNo
Console General5,296SupermandoliniNo
How We Roll5,183Wil WheatonNo
Pterodactyl With A Machine Gun4,813Julian GlanderNo
One Cheer For Broccoli4,361Amanda BarkerNo
The Madness
of Miss Stereo
4,334Christian San JoseNo
Cupcakeosaur4,192Annette LauderNo

The top ten most votes ever in all derbies

Shirt# VotesPlaceArtistDerby #
To the Top in the Style of Da Vinci2,0001kdeuce067
The epic begins1,8731DeadFrog076
Grim Optimism1,8001ramyb073
The Aviator1,6911jamescho84092
Zombie Candycorn1,5221fablefire117
Rain Dance1,4531theinfinityloop096
Some Motivation Required.1,4451nrarmen083
You Have To Try This Guys1,4441fablefire082

The top ten votes per hour*

Shirt# VotesVotes/hourPlaceArtist
The Binge1,40320.561tjost
I Just Call it Housekeeping1,17718.432tgentry
To the Top in the Style of Da Vinci2,00013.961kdeuce
I Like Candy (Resub)1,14613.553Drakxxx
The epic begins1,87313.011DeadFrog
Grim Optimism1,80012.951ramyb
You Have To Try This Guys1,44412.681fablefire
The Aviator1,69112.061jamescho84
A is for Atlas86211.832ramyb

*Does not include the two day Derbylympics events.

The ten latest submissions to place

ShirtSub TimeSub Day# VotesPlaceArtistDerby
I Just Call it Housekeeping08:09 PMMonday1,1772tgentry113
Fire Swallower4:45 PMMonday3733acpersons002
The Binge3:46 PMMonday1,4031tjost111
Just because.....3:40 PMMonday3753redghia69030
A is for Atlas11:06 AMMonday8622ramyb079
of Spring III
11:03 AMMonday5883thedansterwasher035
Sunset Tree10:02 AMMonday5103thatrobert005
Shell Competition4:16 AMMonday7253kpetrasko037
BreakfasTopo3:47 AMMonday6361swedishchef1004
Hidden Message
12:40 AMMonday4132RobGlenn020

Derby top ten reckoning survivors

ShirtDesignerDate SoldDate ReckonedWeeks
The Cake
Is A Liar
Say No To
Donut Panic!capttylor3410/3/2008Available56
Grim Optimismramyb12/19/2008Available45
The Epic BeginsDeadFrog1/09/2009Available42
Zombie SeasonAnnie229/7/20076/9/200839
You Have to Try This Guysfablefire2/20/2009Available36
Some Motivation Requirednrarmen2/27/2009Available35

Non-derby top ten reckoning survivors

ShirtDesignerDate SoldDate ReckonedWeeks
Fat Unicornrglee1294/24/20089/7/200971
The Madness of Miss StereoChristian San Jose5/20/200811/17/200825
It Came Out Of NowhereAled Lewis5/18/2009Available23
Friends Are ForeverLawrence Quigley9/17/20082/23/200922
Nobody’s PerfectKevin Weidemann8/2/20071/14/200822
Finding TechnicolorDavid Creighton-Pester4/21/20089/15/200820
Счастливый Пятидесятый День рождения!Staff10/4/20072/18/200819
Pterodactyl With A Machine GunJulian Glander03/10/20096/22/200914
Console GeneralSupermandolini3/26/20096/15/200911
ZombeerBlair Sayer6/16/20089/8/200811

All numbers as of 11/01/2009.

5 pennies earned:

Brian said...

Ah, statistics, beautiful statistics. Good to see 'em back up.

agorze01 said...

Beautiful! I totally love this page. I am being completely biased though because my design is currently the 3rd best selling shirt and I love it!

Woot Derbytician said...

That would be the second best selling shirt now. Congratulations! :-)

pari said...

what do i do if the shirt i want is "sold out"?

Eden said...

Your best bet is to look for it on TeeTrade as Woot doesn't reprint designs that are off the market.

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