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The SoS Sad Rat Race

Why be a sad rat when you can win $50 in Threadless gift cards by entering Shirts on Sale's twelfth Sad Rat Race?

How do I enter?
Simple. Be the first to get your relevant post with the SoS banner (in your signature) on the daily design discussion at Shirt.Woot after the Woot bot.

Why would I want to do this?
This is a no brainer. The SoS Sad Rat performs a necessary community service as everyone loves to know how to find their way to the Shirts on Sale Shirt.Woot back catalog - now in stereoscopic 2d.

Oh could win a whopping $50 in Threadless cashola for having the most first-place posts!

What are the specifics?

  • Do not spam the forums, only the first post counts...but you may edit your posts to include this link --or get rid of it if you realize that someone else got there first.

  • Only Sad Rats within the first 10 posts and posted after the Woot bot are in the running. We have no control over the forums - accidentally deleted posts are not valid.

  • To keep the energy up, we might enter the contest too --why not?

  • Should there be a tie at the end of the race, the participant to post two successive Sad Rats after the scheduled end of the race will win.

  • 1st place winners of the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Races cannot win 1st place again in the subsequent competition -- why not enjoy a little "rest period" before getting back in the pool?

  • Want to know who's currently in the running? You can follow the race here (coming soon).

  • Contest runs from May 28th, 1AM EST to June 25th, 1:11AM EST. The single username with the most first-place posts wins!

Please add the following code to your Shirt.Woot signature to enter the Sad Rat Race:

Maintained by [url=]Shirts on Sale[/url] -- Home of the [b]best[/b] [url=]t-shirt coupons[/url] and sales!

If you're so inclined, remind buyers who pay for the expedited shipping to get pictures up as soon as possible, so the rest of the community can see how these things actually print.

An example of a correctly formatted (and unbeatable) link. Now, let's see how well you can do.

Here's a hint on how to win, for those of you patient enough to read the small print: copy and paste the code when the comments open, then go back and edit your post to add the note about photos of expedited tees.

If your company is interested in getting word out about how awesome you are via the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race or another promotion, just let us know.