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About Shirts on Sale

The Shirts on Sale crew are just a bunch of t-shirt enthusiasts who appreciate the concept of limited-offer and inexpensive teeshirts. Rather than wait around for someone else to create a website and RSS feed that gathers the daily tee sales at printers like Uneetee, Shirt.Woot, Teextile, Shirtaday, Tee Fury and only the top tshirt bargains and coupons, we decided to do it ourselves.

While most t-shirt coupons and discounts sites are willing to steer you toward just any t-shirt vendor with the most basic information, Shirts on Sale gives you the straight dope on the best tshirt sales, coupons and discounts. We will never send you somewhere we aren't willing to spend our own hard-earned cash -- unless they're offering a deal that's too good to pass up of course.

Our goal is to bring you only the best discounts from quality boutique graphic teeshirt printers.

Sure, some of the links on this site are affiliate links, but a person's got to eat, right? Don't worry, though. Our affiliate status will never stop us from giving you our unbiased assessment on any product or vendor you'll find here. But we would like to thank you for helping us continue to create great content by using our links.

If you know of a imminent or current t-shirt sale on any website or at any "brick-and-mortar" storefront, please drop us a line so we can inform our bargain-hunting, coupon-happy, tshirt-loving readers. And don't forget our various advertising options.

Thank you,
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About our contributors:

Eden RockEden Rock Glamor has been critiquing t-shirts since the very beginning...literally. At the tender age of three weeks old, she made her opinion of her papa's "I'm with stupid" shirt clear by puking all over it (as an adult, she realizes, of course, not all I'm with Stupid shirts are created equal). Bargain-hunting comes a close second to a love of tees. While she has been known to pay full price for that super-special must-have t-shirt, the back of the store has always been the spot to find the bulk of items in her wardrobe. Eden started Shirts on Sale with a passion for discounts and teeshirts on October 1, 2007.

Ryan King
, winner of the first-ever SoS Sad Rat Race, can't get enough tees. Vintage, new-wave, old-wave -- you name it, he's worn it. Scouring his local thrift for forgotten gems is his forte, but newfangled artsy pieces like these have found a special place in his heart. Ryan joined Eden in very early 2008, updating the Shirt.Woot back catalog, and moved into a partnering role shortly thereafter.

Meredith Strub
loves to spread her knowledge of cool tees to the shirtless masses. When she's not shopping for t-shirts and t-shirt accessories, Meredith enjoys scrapbooking, playing dodgeball, watching horror movies, cuddling with her cat, candle-lit dinners and long walks on the beach. When all that's over, she goes right back to organizing her growing t-shirt collection by color, designer, theme, and alphabetically.

Kirsten’s the new kid on the block. But that’s ok, because she already feels at home. Until she moved into the neighborhood, she wasn’t much for t-shirts. But thanks to Eden, she’s seen the light: she can love t-shirts. Kirsten’s newfound love for cool and unique tees is second only to her love of writing about them. Oh yeah...and about that Oscar Wilde costume…well, it's time for a Halloween revival. Now she hopes he’ll find his way onto a shirt because she would totally buy one.

As a music student, Jaime understands the value of a good, sturdy tshirt that can go from sleep to school with the least bit of notice. T-shirts are there when you succeed as well as when you fail; they don't need idle conversation to keep you comfortable; they don't need an iron, and an occasional little rip or spaghetti stain only gives them more personality. Jaime's love of making statements while maintaining comfort began in the early stages of life and has done nothing but ferment like a fine wine. Forget all those fancy frocks. Just give Jaime some good ol' cotton weave.

Aleks fell into t-shirt reviewing by dawdling over greasy saucisson and a piece of bread. His talents include: tying the perfect slip hitch knot and refolding tablecloths, fitted sheets and classy printed t-shirts into their original folded shape. Aleks may love simplicity when it comes to bus routes and furniture assembly, but when it comes to designs the more complicated the better.

There's not much to say about the Woot Shirt Whiz that hasn't already been said. He's seen the bright lights of Broadway and come back with a new twist in his moustache hiding a newly acquired smile on his face. Since then it's been a mad dash to try to keep up with his ever wackier hijinks and tireless contributions to the world of Shirt.Wootdom.

Contributors may -- or may not -- assume "pen names" to protect their privacy.

About our "regular" daily t-shirt sale printers:
Uneetee means "One Tee". The word "unee" is a play on the prefix "uni", which means "one" -- get it? Here, an artist submits a design and it gets voted on by site users. The design with the most votes is featured all week long on sale for only $12. Later on these designs go up in price to between $18 and $20. We love their daily Insaneetee sale -- they pick one shirt from their back catalog to sell for $10 during that 24 hour period.

You never know what you're going to get when you come to Shirt a Day as they debut a new t-shirt right around 3am EST most weekdays. The interesting thing about SaD is their marketing concept --the more people that buy a shirt, the less you pay. It's that simple. Their goal is to get more popular shirts to the people for less, too bad that often means they sacrifice design quality and originality in the process.

Willing to print in places other daily t-shirt sites won't go, teextile, offers five new $15 t-shirts every seven days with a different one on sale for $12 Monday through Friday. Unlike many other sites that rely on voting to bring good designs forward, teextile doesn't just let this be a numbers game. They exert a little editorial control over the proceedings to keep the products top notch.

We like to see new daily boutique t-shirt printers who only hold the rights to the design for a day, giving it a chance to have new life somewhere else. Although the RIP in RIPT Apparel stands for "rest in peace" their shirts can be reborne into another life with another printer in the future. Every day of the week at 1:00 am you can expect a new $10 shirt from some excellent artists.

Shirt.Woot, on the other hand, is a web site that applies the Woot model to selling t-shirts: a new one every day at 1:00 am EST for only $10-shipping included! Woot tees feature exclusive, original designs that you can’t get anywhere else (hence the terms “exclusive” and “original”). Here's a great writeup on the Shirt.Woot concept from their local paper that helps explain their philosophy and gives a little more information on the Shirt.Woot Derby. Don't forget to check out our currently available Shirt.Woot tees catalog, Woot Shirt t-shirt graveyard and more statistics than you can fit in a barrel of monkeys.

TeeFury is an artist-driven arm of the amazing t-shirt voting site Design By Humans. They offer a new t-shirt on sale over a 24-hour period for only $9. After that, the rights to the design revert back to the artist and she or he can then sell it, shelve it or do whatever. Designs tend to be of high quality but sporadic as they're generally curated by three people with pleasantly different tastes.

We could not have made this site without building on the hard work of others, please take a moment to read out our acknowledgments.