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Currently Available Shirt.Woot Designs

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2nd chance sales begin the day after originally offered, for an extra $5. Currently available shirts are comprised of this and prior week, plus the 20 highest sellers from the previous reckoning.

Gone for good as of Monday, November 2nd:

13th Gloom Street
Cupcake Costume Party
Scare-It Badges
Who Wants to Live Forever?
Zombie Candycorn
We Carves People
I Like Candy

01 The Binge (1/6)
02 Gummistone Park (2/2)
03 Harvest Traditions (3/3)
04 Imposter (5/39)
05 Campfire Tales (8/2)
06 Almost Too Complicated (7/3)
07 Nevermore (6/81)
08 I Just Call it Housekeeping (18/4)
09 Some Motivation Required (10/34)
10 Japanese Fighting Fish (4/5)
11 Donut Panic! (14/55)
12 You Have to Try This Guys (17/35)
13 The Epic Begins (13/41)
14 Grim Optimism (20/44)
15 Music is Life (16/29)
16 The Chemist (12/8)
17 The Samurai and the Sea Dragon (9/5)
18 It Came Out Of Nowhere (15/22)
19 Spicy Italian Meatball (11/6)
20 Fiery Autumn Colors (19/7)
Parentheses indicate "position last week"/"weeks on chart"

Perfectly Safe This Week:
10172 = Trick or Cheese
10202 = Wolf Out!
10375 = Boneheads
10436 = Dead Beard's Curse
10441 = Computer Mice
10446 = Sperm Whales Make Great Seamen
10452 = Popcorn Chicken

Available until further notice:
Happy Birthday to Us

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On this week's endangered design list:

Perfectly Safe This Week:

Available indefinitely:

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