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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fantastic Bonanza: $20 T-shirt Pre-Order Sale

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Fantastic Bonanza is finally putting out a few new shirts -- three, to be exact -- and are celebrating by offering all three on pre-sale for only $20, saving you $4/shirt. Don't forget, you can always find great coupon deals on our t-shirt coupons page, and Fantastic Bonanza is no exception. Save 15% on your order with coupon code friend at checkout.

The three new shirts include to communist-inspired takes on condiments and the third is the elegant and refined fuzzy bear you see below.

Not a lot of people realize that Lenin and Hitler have more in common that fascistic tendencies...while Hitler ran a failed house-painting business before his reign over Germany, Lenin was the public face of his family's disastrous foray into the ketchup industry -- as this teeshirt proof can attest. While that ketchup-inspired iconographic tee looks pretty awesome, we can't get behind their third t-shirt, a Soviet-kitsch anti-mustard design -- and we don't even like mustard that much....

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