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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shirt.Woot: When Life Gives you Lemons…..

4 pennies earned

The thought of summertime brings to mind the sweet smell of fresh lemonade and sympathy for the crushed innards of those living least for jamescho84, the designer of today's t-shirt and multiple derby winner.

So -- there needs to be a rule that jamescho84 and tgentry can only play against each other and the rest of the derby competitors get to vie for second and third place. Are you with me on this or what?

4 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

I would love to see some new designers get printed and not get stampeded over every single week, only referring to one of the two you mentioned....
it's getting old.

Eden said...

That's exactly what we're saying...while both designers do make great stuff, their participation and following at Shirt.Woot is kind of making the derby a lopsided affair.

MJ said...

If Shirt.Woot were a lottery, I'd agree with you. But it's a contest based on a skill, so I absolutely would rather see quality win (and Cho and Gentry certainly produce that in abundance).

Rather than wishing for artificial handicapping of good artists, let's get more great artists competing. That would get the level of shirts produced on the whole to be stronger, and would get the variety people want (though I have to say I think Cho and Gentry both do a great job of varying styles, so this is a non-issue to me as a consumer).

If artists feel they can't compete with that level of competition from those two and others, they're certainly welcome to submit dailies. I've done that several times, and that is just another way Woot encourages variety in their offerings.

Anonymous said...

The problem comes when each derby, if the two submit (or now together), they get automatic votes. Some designs are better than others and the votes still pile up immediately either way. One cannot discount the name recognition. Yes, it may be deserved but the contest is compromised. A new designer does not have the same playing field even after many submissions.
I would like to see diversity among well-qualified artists, which there is no shortage of here, save for the ones that left due to the reasons mentioned above.
This leaves one place in the fog if both submit. Sometimes they submit multiple entries and they all get voted up within minutes.
I agree with the person who wants to buy shirts from others as well. So do I.
I do believe there are very talented artists at Woot beyond these two though I do not knock their talent.
Perhaps Woot should have a Cho day and a Gentry day each week, so others may have a chance if they are equally talented.

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