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Monday, May 12, 2008

Uneetee: The Robotanist

3 pennies earned

Ed Pincombe's The Robotanist is an awesome combination of the organic and technological -- and it's hard to tell which is winning. While the name is excellent, it doesn't really convey the mortal struggle implied on this teeshirt. That robot isn't pruning the's being massacred by by those man-eating vines.

You think they'll realize their mistake when they actually get a bite of a hunk of metal?

3 pennies earned:

Joe said...

Awesome! Saw this up on Emptees 25 days ago, and I loved it then!

I think I'm going to have to get it...

Anonymous said...

yeah, i like edwords stuff. he's a coolio.

r u eden? its not that easy. i've tested it, just to mess with it. and although it might crack up to paranoia that everyones doing it, i did it around midnight tonight. and i knocked the top off. but immediately within a few minutes it was back on top. so i think with a combination of internet friends and your own, you can manipulate it. its kinda crappy IMO. i only went as far as getting myself 7. if they had continued offering more products at $5. i would have probably continued. i think if someone were inclined, if they dont change it, it wouldnt take but a few weeks to amass a collaboration with friends with extra votes to really dominate. but id rather draw. so... although the competitive side wants to beat the pros at their own tricks.

Eden said...

Confused by that one?

Read the incriminating post to which it refers.

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