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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wooshka: $1 Tee Shirt Sale

2 pennies earned

$1 teeshirts!? You have to be crazy!

For 48 hours from this Tuesday 27 May (New York – 10:00am, London – 3:00pm, Sydney – Midnight) any Wooshka member can buy any shirt in the range for just $1! Members have the right to buy at least one $1 shirt, subject to stock availability. Members can only purchase one $1 shirt per individual order (to try and make it fair for everybody), but multiple orders can be placed.
Even if you join Wooshka during the sale period you will be eligible for the $1 offer, but we recommend signing up now and checking out their wares so you know what you want as soon as it goes on sale.
Don't worry, we'll repost this message on Tuesday at 10:00am to remind you as may want to sign up for our updates to make sure you get the message.

2 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

link is broken...

Eden said...

Thanks for the heads up...all fixed now.

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