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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another $25 Threadless Gift Card Winner: auggie24

0 pennies earned

This month's Sad Rat Race was a no-brainer -- the winner, auggie24, even got to enjoy the spoils early to take advantage of Threadless' Summer Blockbuster Sale which is, sadly, now over. That's alright, though -- there are always other seasons and other sales.

We just can't figure out where this dark horse came from as auggie24, unlike the second place winner, hasn't ever had even a showing in our past four Sad Rat Races. Apparently "it's easy when you work overnights and have multiple T1 lines fed into your work building." Go for yours big stuff!

boredterry, seems pretty content with his second place least that's what we gather as he was in the exact same spot last race. Hopefully a free t-shirt of his choice from tenbills will make him feel chipper about another second best and remind him of the good old days when he was number 1.

And we have to hand it to aznkuo who just arrived the beginning of the month and within the final three days to pull out a third place finish and will get $3 in cold hard cash -- well, digitally transfered cold hard cash at least. This way maybe you can make it to a local storefront and find a teeshirt that's your style.

You'd better watch out if you're planning on tackling the experienced racers this time around, though, as aznkuo already has a head start on this month's race with the first Sad Rat of the competition and the line's already been drawn in the dirt.

If all winners could please contact us with valid e-mail addresses via the Shirt.Woot forum --to ensure there aren't any issues with identity theft-- we will get your prizes to you as quick as a cow flies.

Congratulations to all!!

Now can YOU win the next contest with another 1st place prize of $25 Threadless bucks?

1. auggie24 17 Rats
2. boredterry 7 Rats
3. aznkuo 3 Rats
4. longhurdles 2 Rats
5. MHBoston 1 Rat
6. jeezpf 1 Rat

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