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Monday, June 30, 2008

Contrastshop and EndangeredWear T-shirts Coupons

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Two more boutique tshirt printers can be found on our expiration-free t-shirt coupon codes page as of today:

Contrastshop, out of England, sells high-contrast teeshirts with a matching high-pricetag -- maybe it has something to do with the sinking value of the US Dollar and not the rising cost of high-end teeshirts. They offer loads of elementary-yet-interesting tees that often feature inspired print-placement. Giraffe -- pictured below -- is an excellent example of the style of shirt you can find from this collective.

Save some of your hard-earned cash and save 20% off any order just by entering the coupon code Shirtsonsale at checkout.

Another retailer joining the hordes t-shirt printers offering awesome discounts on their tees is EndangeredWear, home of the truly limited-edition tee:
At, not only can you see how many will be made, but exactly how many are left at that very moment. Each time a shirt is purchased, the Countdown to Extinction will decrease by one until they are extinct. Forever. No reprints. Ever. Each shirt is printed with a “1 of 150” or “1 of 300” so you know exactly how many of those shirts exist.

This outfit offers some snarky comedy tees, but the bulk of their wares skew toward the graphic -- and they are some nice graphic tees at that. Thanks to their giving nature (and marketing savvy) you never have to pay retail again; our readers get 10% off any purchase when they use the coupon code SHIRTSONSALE.

That means you can pick up an interesting print like Yin Yang Skulls -- pictured below -- or any of their other teeshirts for just over $20.Don't worry if you forget any of these discount codes -- let us do the memorating for you. Just visit our t-shirt coupons page anytime you go tshirt shopping to make sure you're getting the best deal possible.

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