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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July is Comment Appreciation Month at Shirts on Sale

9 pennies earned

Bet you're wondering what this whole "Comment Appreciation Month" is. Well, in an effort to encourage a little more community, and in celebration of our new comment-friendly look, we're offering our readers the chance to win a $50 Threadless gift card.

What do I have to do to enter?
All you have to do is come back to Shirts on Sale every so often and comment on our posts. Anonymous posters and those who fail to provide proper contact information are not qualified to win. Just make sure we have a way to get in touch with you, or check with us on August 1st to find out if you won.

How do I win the $50 Threadless gift certificate?
Please note, we're not giving out the prize to the person who comments the most nor are we choosing the winner at random -- we can't afford one of those fancy-schmancy number-smudging unbiased accounting types -- the winner is the person who we deem the best general commenter of July.

How long is this contest?
Comments entered this very moment through July 31st midnight EST are eligible for the top prize.

Can I do anything to sweeten my chances of winning?
Sure, comment often and thoughtfully on our posts. Keep things on topic or point out something so incredibly interesting yet unrelated that we actually pause on the way to clicking the trash can next to your comment.

How is this website more comment-friendly now?
Not only are the comment links found right under the title, we also have recently implemented inline commenting so you don't have to leave the site or page to say what you want. Also, we now include a list of the top commenters (congratulations Joe on currently being number 1) and more prominent recent comments display in our sidebar.

Have any more questions? Just comment below

9 pennies earned:

Strangedaze said...

This is great. I always wanted to see more discussion here. Congrats on the new look and ambience!

Eden said...

We thought you would appreciate the promotion. -- especially considering you're already one of our top commenters ;)

Hope you enjoy the new look and ambiance. It took a long time to figure out where to put the floor lamps so they'd accent the rug and sofa just right.

StrangeDaze said...

Haha. It's not just that. I would love to see commentary/thoughts on the different designs and promotions. Nothing like a good debate as well. Seems people like to "talk" all over the net, so I really couldn't figure out why they didn't chat here that much.
By the way, I love the lava lamps!

Eden said...

How did you know about the lava lamp?

Anonymous said...

Love your website. It's fun and a bit goofy, just like the rest of us who never want to grow up. Thanks for the chance to buy the woots I missed out on.

A Contest Blog by valmg said...

Thanks for listing your contest on A Contest Blog. Good luck!

contesthub said...


I have blogged about your contest at
Here is the direct link to the post about the contest:

Thank you.

SubmitYourContest said...

Posted at

SYC is a blogging contest site where you can submit your blog contests. Hope SYC sends you a few extra entries.

Eden said...

As you can see from these comments, we thought it would benefit from a little extra exposure. Good luck to all contenders!

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