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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pooby 5: $10 Shirts All Weekend

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It's amazing how parenthood can make a person all sentimental and susceptible to random acts of generosity. As you can tell by the below banner, Jason at Pooby 5 is pretty proud of his daughter and is more than happy to offer her privacy for a little extra exposure on the lovely Interwebs -- wasn't it just May 25th when we last featured a Pooby 5 sale? While the stock hasn't changed much since their last sale, they are now offering the Threadless-declined Pac-Manny Solar Expansion.

Anyway, get $10 tshirts and baby doll t-shirts all weekend in honor of Father's Day. Don't let the $11 price tags fool you -- you'll save your extra dollar/shirt at checkout.

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