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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shirtaday: Florida, America's Weiner

2 pennies earned

It's not the most original idea as who knows how long it's been for sale at Cafepress. Of course, Burn Tees version is a little more expensive than the one SaD is selling and a little more explicit with the word penis instead of weiner.

Still, it's not a very original idea and the fact of the matter is that all of these shirts use the same image of Florida. We're not saying that's the end of the world, but SaD could have made a little bit of an effort and maybe made the image more provocative or the wording a bit different.

2 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

If you lookin' for me I ain't hard to find(KnowI'm Sayin), I be right here posted on that 59(Allready)!

Eden said...


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