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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shirtaday: I (Heart) Pie

1 penny earned

For all you pie enthusiasts, SaD has finally made a shirt to show the world just how much you love pie. Not just a little, but enough to wear a t-shirt proclaiming your love to everyone. It's simple, it's sweet, it gets the message across. We like the heart graphic although there's no real reason to outline it in white, and if you are going to outline it, make the lines a little thicker. Other than that, we're happy campers SaD. Well except for us cake lovers out there.

Edit: As noted on the comments, this is also a way to proclaim your love for Felix Pie from the Chicago Cubs.

1 penny earned:

Ryan said...

Haha, the colors on this make it PERFECT for proclaiming your love of Chicago Cubs outfielder Felix Pie.

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