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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shirtaday: My Roundhouse Kick Range

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All right, we can't help but giggle a little bit about this tee. Sure, we know that it's some kind of rip-off of those Chuck Norris quotes, but unlike a lot of other SaD shirts, it's a subtle rip-off. We also applaud the fact that there is also a graphic of some kind on the tee to illustrate just how close you are to the roundhouse kick range. Seems like this is going to be one of SaD's more popular tees, so you could wait a while for the price to drop even more.

By the way: If you ask Chuck Norris what time it is, he always says, "Two seconds 'til." After you ask, "Two seconds 'til what?" he roundhouse kicks you in the face.

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