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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shirt.Woot: Home Improvement

4 pennies earned

Well, today's second-place finisher in the "Home" Woot Derby, Home Improvement, is cute and kid-friendly in the art department, but it's almost a departure from the artsy stuff they've been airing recently, which we've grown a little fond of. Not to say Beefcoat's design is a terrible one, this artist just personally wouldn't wear it :) Also, quite interested in seeing how that shell will turn out in printing..

4 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at your comments since that marshmallow and little nessie shirt were totally childish yet got good reviews here. I hated them.

Eden said...

I can understand how you're probably didn't read our about us page and didn't realize that we're a collective of t-shirt lovers.

Although we tend to use the pronoun "we" in describing "our" opinion of a t-shirt, which would imply a unanimous or, at the least, majority agreement on said teeshirt design, most of our reviewers actually write their opinion on shirts without consulting the rest of the crew.

While we may not all agree with the first shot across the bow, writers and readers are encouraged to comment. We would love to hear at least a hundred opinions on each design.

The reviews to which anonymous (probably our most prolific commenter) referred, btw, can be found at Oh Burned!! and Swim, Little Nessie -- Which, as a matter of fact, does not weigh in one way or the other on the merits of this design and speaks only to the marketability of this design as a commercial vehicle.

Related yet unrelated: all three of these reviews were written by different writers.

Seriously, thank you for being part of the SoS community! Your opinion is what helps makes us the best destination for t-shirt discounts and coupons.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eden, for explaining that. It makes a lot more sense now. It just seems there are so many cutesy shirts lately that I found it surprising to see this one singled out for it.
I appreciate your explanation and your respect and respect your words as well.
It would be nice if more people did comment. I wonder why they don't.

Eden said...

"It would be nice if more people did comment. I wonder why they don't"

We're working on that. Come back next month for details (wink, wink).

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