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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shirt.Woot: Oh Burned!!

2 pennies earned

Summer is the time for enjoyment and relaxing in the sun. At nighttime, who hasn't had a bonfire and roasted some marshmallows to make s'mores. Who knew how much pain we could cause? This shirt will definitely make you think twice as you can see the pain clearly on the 'mallows face as he's being consumed by fire and see the horror on his friends' faces. The artist, JadenKale, does a great job of making you feel a little bad for these fluffy treats. But not really bad enough to stop roasting them over an open flame. This would be a great buy with Saturday's lemonade shirt. The change we'd make is the shirt color. Black might have been a better choice so you could focus more on the fire. A hand holding the stick would have also been a great addition to really strike terror in the marshmallows.

2 pennies earned:

Jaden Kale said...

Thanks for the critique! It IS a shame they wouldn't allow black this week (what with this being a summer theme and all). But orange is such a bold choice in and of itself. If orange can't support it, nothing can. :wink:

Eden said...

Actually, I have to wonder if a black tee wouldn't have detracted from the burnt marshmallow effect. Orange is a "bold choice" and proved to be right on target as your design sold out so fast.


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