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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ten Bills and Fuzzy Ink Coupon Codes

3 pennies earned

We're happy to announce that two more t-shirt printers have joined our already robust collection of expiry-free tshirt coupon codes. While both target a certain niche audience, they couldn't vary much more in material for their tees.

The first, Fuzzy Ink, cares about one thing and one thing only. You guessed it -- moustaches (alright, there's no way you could have seen that one coming). We know what your thinking: "Duh! Why hasn't there been a t-shirt printer with the insight to create a line for the mustache-toting set?"

While they only have a few shirts out now, the "sky's the limit when it comes to facial hair" as the popular saying goes (right?). In celebration of their first series of t-shirts, which even include a Say Anything moustache tee -- click the link to see how they pulled that one off -- they've created a 10% off coupon for Shirts on Sale readers; just enter coupon code Stache at checkout or check our coupon page for more details.
The other recent addition to our teeshirt coupon page targets a niche that is near and dear to our hearts, quality inexpensive graphic t-shirts. Ten Bills gives away the game right in their name -- no shirt costs more than $10. While Shirt.Woot offers that deal to the first-come customers, you can get these inexpensive t-shirts every day at Ten Bills. Better yet, we've found an expiration-free 10% off coupon bringing the price of those $10 shirts down to $9 -- you'd better consider registering the domain name "Nine Bills" while you're at it guys.

While many of their designs tend toward the robotic, their range is quite immense and they don't necessarily cheap out on the inks to cut back on cost. Just check out the limited edition and evolutionarily intriguing Ripe for the Picking pictured below.

Don't forget to enter coupon code stone to save 10% off your t-shirt purchase or just check our coupon page for the details.

3 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

The domain doesn't work with my browsers (IE & Firefox)...technical problem or are persons from overseas blocked?

Eden said...

Sorry to hear that. I'm using FF3 and have no problems accessing both domains. Maybe the issue is that the entire Fuzzy Ink site is (sadly) published in Flash.

John said...

I'm not quite sure what the issue is either. It loaded for me just fine, but yes, it is entirely in flash, so make sure you have that enabled.

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