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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Busted Tees: Free Tibet

3 pennies earned

Looks like Christmas in July doesn't have to include original t-shirts -- although we do love their copy:

"This shirt not valid in China."

3 pennies earned:

Joey said...

I see that busted tees is now employing Unisex models. I honestly can't tell if the "person" in the foreground is a guy or a girl, if they were wearing the "pasty" shirt with the keyboard keys I would be even more perplexed.

Eden said...

The choice of location, more than the model, is an intriguing part of this picture. Somehow, the vast open empty highway gives this t-shirt a more serious air than the material deserves.

StrangeDaze said...

Funny, to me, he doesn't look ambiguous. The background however, looks like a chop. Maybe, it's just me...

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