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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BustedTees: Four Figures

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Looks like this is the week of the someecards t-shirts, so you may want to either check back with us fanatically to see what tomorrow's shirt will bring or just skip these Busted Tees posts altogether, depending on how you feel about the someecards phenom.

Too bad Busted Tees opted for one of the simplest and least inspired of the outré ecards; but it looks like they've already mined some of the funnier t-shirt options. While the high roller sentiment will produce a chuckle, especially worn by the right kind of hipster/punk, this shirt ultimately leaves us feeling rather....eehhhhhh.

At least - using the coupon code SHIRTSONSALEROCKS - you can save 10% on any order at Busted Tees through the end of the month...thanks, guys, for the consolation prize!

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