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Thursday, July 31, 2008

BustedTees: Hugs And Drugs

2 pennies earned

It is with today's particularly uninspired shirt that we bid a fond farewell to Busted Tees "Christmas in July" event -- fond farewell does mean we're happy to see it go, right?

We were really hoping that, with Busted Tees' entry into the daily t-shirt sale field, we could say to Shirt a Day "this is how you do the lowbrow daily t-shirt thing right." But even with their big budget and limited time-span, the kids at Busted Tees still put out too many mediocre tees and even missed a day (or three).

So, Busted Tees, thanks for the memories. We will still visit to see your weekly $12 tshirt sales...but don't expect us to lament your absence from the daily t-shirt biz.Of course, if Busted Tees decides to put out an extra sale shirt tomorrow -- then totally disregard this epitaph.

On a side note, why is the guy in this picture giving us the "grand tour" of his private domain?

2 pennies earned:

StrangeDaze said...

Ha! Regarding, So You Think You Can Dance, the tv forum I go to calls that move HMV. ;-) (for the women anyway)

Eden said...

It was just brought to our attention that Busted Tees did, in fact, put out 31 shirts last month...just not necessarily one a day and not necessarily all for the "Christmas in July" promotion.

Of course, the one thing they did do better than many of the other daily t-shirt sites (excluding the newest, Tee Fury) was plan enough ahead that they could actually have model shots for each tee.

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