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Monday, July 14, 2008

BustedTees: I'm Terrified Of Being Offline

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Well, it looks like BustedTees was a little late with their Saturday post again, though we're unlikely to see another 10% coupon (don't forget! SHIRTSONSALEROCKS!). Here's your double-shot of BT goodness:

Today's shirt, on sale for $13.99 and the last of the Someecards bunch (thank goodness?), states the obvious for the college crowd: I'm terrified of being offline. Ironically, all photos on the promo page are taken outside. For shame, BT.

Yesterday's offering strayed to the loyalty and friendship side, saying that if I ever would have to shoot you, for whatever reason, I'd only do it in the leg. Just the leg, that's all. Full-price at $18.99, sadly.

What are your thoughts?
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