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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BustedTees: Pray For Mojo

3 pennies earned

Well, it's a shirt we know, but we still really wish that BustedTees would take 10 more seconds a day to write more in the product description than, "Pray For Mojo." Like we didn't know that already, BT!

If you don't know him, Mojo is Homer Simpson's helper monkey on the TV show The Simpsons. Here's the scoop from Wikipedia:

Mojo was Homer Simpson's helper monkey in "Girly Edition." Homer's unhealthy lifestyle soon takes its toll on Mojo, and he becomes bloated and lethargic. Homer returns Mojo to the lab, dropping him off anonymously at the door. The lab attendant hands him a keyboard to type what was wrong and the monkey enters "PRAY…FOR…MOJO."

3 pennies earned:

StrangeDaze said...

No kidding. Thanks for the info Ryan! Btw, is it cool or sad that I know who Mojo is. Actually, this shirt is kind of funny with its double meaning.

Mings said...

I would have thought they would have copyright issues with this since it's a direct quote without being a parody, but IANAL.

Eden said...

"Pray for Mojo" probably wouldn't be a copyright issue as the text is so short...maybe with the inclusion of the monkey, but probably not. Had the Simpsons people trademarked Mojo, though, they would definitely have a case.

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