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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Design by Humans: 20% Coupon Contest

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Not quite as good as Design by Humans' 25% off birthday coupon from last week, but we'll take any discount at DBH we can get -- and there's something special in it for us this time.

Every time you use coupon code allgoodshirts to save 20% on your order between now and July 6, you bring us one step closer to winning awesome Apple gear -- and sharing it with you.

The best part is, if we come in first place (alright, so it's not that likely, but you never know...), every one of you will get a $10 iTunes gift card as well. Not only that -- if we do win the big prize, you can rest assured that we'll be happy enough playing with our new Macbook Pro to not worry too much when we give away the iPhone and $50 DBH Dollars to one of our lucky readers:

1st Place
* 15" inch Macbook Pro 2.4 GHZ ($1,999 value)
* The new 8Gig iPhone 3G* ($199 value)
* $50 DBH Dollars
* All of your friends who use your referral code will also receive a $10 iTunes Gift Card, and will love you forever (Yes, if 1,000 of your friends use your referral code, DBH will be awarding $10,000 in iTunes to your friends).

2nd-5th Place
* The new 8Gig iPhone 3G* ($199 value)
* $50 DBH Dollars

Use our coupon code -- allgoodshirts -- whenever you make a purchase at DBH this week and maybe we can all come out of this winners!

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