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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Fond Farewell to the Internet's Only Comment Appreciation Month

20 pennies earned

It is with a tear in our eye that we say, "goodbye" to the smashing success that was the Internet's only Comment Appreciation Month. Thanks to the temptation of a $50 Threadless gift certificate, we saw our information portal turn into an full-fledged hotbed of humorous and helpful comments from a diverse range of participants.

Thomas, auggie24, and cheezisyum21 -- sadly, you did not win the $50 gift certificate -- but we would be loathe to let you walk away empty-handed.

We would like to thank you by offering you a t-shirt of your choice from any of the fine retailers we featured in our recent Summer sales lineup including Wandering Whale, District Cotton, Artifex Shirts, and the illustrious Design by Humans. It is important that we take advantage of their July sales (handing out this many third-place prizes is already going to break the bank), so please contact us as soon as possible with your details -- we will require you to confirm your identity, so no funny stuff.

So that leaves Mings and StrangeDaze...two commentators who we saw here on a daily basis and who continually offered perspectives and ideas that would breathe life into the side-conversations the permeated our friendly community. While Mings had wonderful one-line zingers that would get us laughing, StrangeDaze was always willing to commit her time to insightful commentary.

We realize now, with 20/20 hindsight, that this contest has the absolute stupidest criteria for winning -- but thanks for being willing to play along with us anyway. Who are we to say who the best commentator is, especially since we can't even parse out comments by author thanks to Blogger's silly system?

Because of this, we're going to give these two champions, with the help of the SoS community, a final chance to prove who is the "best commentator." We ask you both to plead your case in the comments attached to this post. Why do you deserve the $50 gift certificate? We would also love to hear any support from your other competitors and our readership.

Finally, we do ask that all winners and runners-up, upon receipt of your totally free tshirt, send us a picture of you wearing it (no identifiable features have to be prominent as SoS always respects your privacy) so we can create a gallery of happy contest winners and runners-up.

Thank you all for participating. We just hope that the end of the contest doesn't herald the end of your participation on this site. Your comments have helped us understand confusing references in t-shirts, see things we wouldn't have on casual observation, and taught us ways to make t-shirts look better with minimal effort and a little dye -- oh yeah, you make us laugh too.

20 pennies earned:

Thomas said...

The end of this month coincides with my return to school, so I wouldn't have been able to commit as much time to it anyways. Either way, it's been fun and I'll continue to check the site daily. Thanks!

Mings said...

Reason #1: I posted my reasons before she did.
Reason #2: My name has less letters in it, thus making it easier to type up the post declaring me the winner.
Reason #3: Given that I have less posts that are, on average, shorter than StrangeDaze's, that makes me the underdog in the most obvious measure of community involvement; and what's more fun than seeing the underdog win?
Reason #4: Depression is one of the leading causes of suicides in the world today, and as Eden says, I made you all laugh, which kept all of you one more step away from a depression induced suicide. An occurrence which would undoubtedly hurt the community here as we seem to only have 9 regular members.
Reason #5: There is no Reason #5. See I just saved you reading one more reason, aren't I nice?
Reason #6: As I have said many times, I have to restrain myself to keep from buying shirts with money I don't have. Winning this would allow me to sate my urge to buy shirts for the next two months, saving me from horrible temptation.
Reason #7: If I lose, I will be sad and you will have made a grown man cry. Shame on you. Na, just kidding, I'll live.
Reason #8: At present, as far as I know, I have just made the largest post on SoS, which certainly has some value, right?

And wait, wasn't the contest supposed to run til tomorrow night anyway?

Excited just to be in the running,

Founder of the Drop Shirt-A-Day and The Ryde coalition.

auggie24 said...

So we have heard from mings... thought she crowed about the fact her posts were short. I got lost somewhere around 'I posted my reasons before (SD) did."

cheezisyum21 said...

I actually found this site in the middle of this lovely contest, and i'm sure glad that i did...i will definitely come back daily to check out the new shirts of the day and to leave my feedback.


Mings said...

And actually, I'm a he.

StrangeDaze said...

First of all, congrats to
Thomas, auggie24, and cheezisyum21 on your shirts. Very happy to hear you all won and can pick your choice. Awesome of you, SOS!

Also, congrats to Mings! :D

I would love it if my previous comments would speak for themselves but I'll give this a go!

SOS is one of my favorite blogs and I check it every day because it involves two things I am passionate about: Art and t-shirts. It also includes some snark and humor which I love.

I began commenting here months before the contest began. I started as Anonymous for no good reason really, then at one point began posting as my blogger name. I love seeing what's new, what's out there, discovering new sites, and hearing others' opinions. I also love adding to the mix.

I really enjoy discussion and debate and humor. I was thrilled to see the contest as I thought it would bring more of this to SOS.
Since there was a competition, I did up my posting to stay in the running and found it to be a lot of fun.

However, with or without the contest, I would and will be still commenting. Things I enjoy most about the commenting side are when others respond and there is a discussion going. Talking to a few people here has helped me decide on shirts I wasn't sure about and I've enjoyed the camaraderie.

Sure, I could give you my sob story as to why I need the gc, but, I won't, except to say that it would make me really happy to have some beautiful shirts and wearable art.

I have tried my best to create thoughtful, insightful, humorous posts and to be an asset (not an ass :D) to this small community here. I really wish for the success of SOS and will continue to support them, talk about them to my friends and to comment. I look forward to being part of this little portion of the blogiverse.

Thanks all for listening and I'll see you here I hope!

Eden said...

Alright, call us "suckers" or what you will, but we just couldn't keep either of these two from their well-deserved winnings. While this is definitely going to break the bank, you are both getting $50 worth of Threadless gift certificates for being such great all-around people -- of course, we'd also love it if you all shouted from the rafters (or in forums, on your blogs, on social media sites, etc.) that SoS is "great all-around people" too, but we can't mandate that.

(see Mings, who is quite obviously male, even though we earn money from a few of our links, we do try to share the wealth as well)

Eden said...

Happy to see that our commentators all have such varied taste. One chose a shirt from Design by Humans, one chose a District Cotton tee and the other opted for a selection from Wandering Whale.

StrangeDaze said...

Thank you Eden! And congrats to Mings as well.
Very generous of you! And yes, I'll definitely keep spreading the word. Do you need my info?

Eden said...

One more thing. The contest was supposed to end tonight at midnight, but we decided it would be better to take advantage of the July sales at those retailers than to leave some of our common commentators out in the cold - hence the slightly early finish, Mings.

StrangeDaze said...

That's very cool about the diversity. Auggie, what did you pick?

Mings said...

Um, so yea, what information do we need to we need to get to you? And Gratz SD on the win, you deserved it.

Eden said...

We've already taken care of StrangeDaze (hope you got the e-mail). If you wouldn't mind contacting me, I'll get your $50 to you lickety-split.

StrangeDaze said...

Yep, I got it. Thanks again, Eden!

Thomas said...

I thought for sure my comment on would get me the $50. :)

Eden said...

If only you were more concise about your "the bomb" analogy, it would have been yours. ;)

direct link (for the lazy)

Thomas said...

Argh! I should get people to proofread my long rambling posts.

auggie24 said...

SD - I have many many many T's, so I contacted the wife. She chose Bikes Not Bombs from District Cotton. If I had chosen for her, it would have been the same exact one.

Maybe we are destined for each other if we both choose the same shirt...

StrangeDaze said...

Auggie, I like that shirt a lot. Also, being from the Boston area, it's pretty cool that they are donating.

As far as compatibility, I think that's as good a measure as any :D.

auggie24 said...

@ mings: ooops. Sorry.

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