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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Enjoying Comment Appreciation Month?

7 pennies earned

Photo courtesy of Moriza
Well, here we are -- halfway through our first ever Comment Appreciation Month -- and we love reading your responses!

As you may recall, we're giving away a $50 Threadless gift card to the best commenter in July. While it's possible to be the best with only one super-awesome totally amazing wowwy-zowwy comment, it's more likely that you'll win if you come back and check in on the kids every so often.

We know how much everyone loves bullets, so here are a few thoughts on the contest so far:
  • Aside from the introductory post, our most commented thread, surprisingly, has been our review of Uneetee's Bear for a Bear.
  • We've yet to have a major fight on our hands yet this month, but that won't stop us from trying.
  • One of the most fun comments just arose today, "looks like my wife's, cousin's, brother's, uncle's smile!! yee haww!!" Unfortunately, the anonymous author isn't even in the running for our grand prize.
  • Nor surprisingly, our most prolific and verbose commenter this month has been StrangeDaze, whose support for a more interactive SoS is greatly appreciated. Of course, lacking any serious competition thus far, she's(?) currently at the head of the class.
We'd also like to thank these people for playing with us this month and look forward to hearing more from you. In no particular order:
Anonymous (last and least)
If we missed you, just let us know in the comments.

Not playing because you'd rather keep your t-shirt criticism to yourself? We'd love to hear your thoughts on our current look. Would you change anything or have trouble finding something? Comment away!

7 pennies earned:

Eden said...

Two other pictures we were considering for this post:
Tutu Girls

Which would you have picked?

Thomas said...

This is a totally super-awesome totally amazing wowwy-zowwy comment!!

Eden said...

It is, it is!

(but only because you added an extra totally)

Thomas said...

I didn't want to be a completely unoriginal hack. Everybody hates those guys.

Jordon said...

Im going to win this contest, i have just been lurking around waiting for the time to strike and i think that time has come! Muhahaha

StrangeDaze said...

Hi Eden, thanks for the mention. Heh. I'm a she :D. I would have chosen tutu girls. I like that they just seem to be out there in the city. Nice shot.
Btw, bring on the debates. I know people like to argue on the interwebs ;-).

Kevin said...

Cool contest, I'd completely managed to miss the info about it on the side until you posted this entry (hey, at least you know I wasn't driven by an ulterior motive :-P)

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