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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rise of the Summer T-shirt Sales

7 pennies earned

With the end of the month quickly approaching, it seems like t-shirt printers across the Internet are looking to fund their own Summer trips with cheap t-shirt sales...and our readers get to benefit from all this wonderful cut-rate competition!

Yet again, we're forced to write about a few varying t-shirt sales in a single update for the sake of expediency and ease...please don't hold it against us.

First up is a brand new retailer, recently featured on the brand-spanking new Shirt.Woot competitor, TeeFury. Not only do we now have a 13% off coupon forever ensconced among our ever-growing expiration-free t-shirts coupons collection, Wandering Whale is also offering 16% off all this week with the coupon code spermwhale.

Wandering Whale offers an interesting take on t-shirt design; the artist, Andrew Olivier creates all of his artwork by hand using watercolor and india ink. We're not sure how this beautiful look is going to translate to screen-printed tees, but we don't have any further information about how WW is printing their shirts (fortunately we know he stops by SoS sometime, so maybe we'll get to hear more).
It looks like District Cotton is trying to break the bank with their Stupid-cheap Summer Clearance Sale on through the end of the month:

All of our 100% Organic Cotton T-shirts will be on sale for less than ten bucks. Including $5 for all of our printed infant apparel and toddler T’s.

Men’s pullovers and women’s zip-up hoodies on sale from $20 (regular $34-$40)

Recycled Billboard Bags 40% Off- These one of a kind bags are exclusively crafted for District Cotton from recycled vinyl billboards in Argentina.
While many of District Cotton's designs veer toward the earth-conscious and bike-friendly (see the Bike Fish shirt, below), they also have some fun New York-centric tshirts as well. The focus on artistry is apparent at this printer and we just can't believe they're selling their fine wares for this cheap.
Artifex Shirts, another lover of all things organic and crunchy had marked down their t-shirts 25% from $20 to $15. While there's no word on how long this sale will continue, now is probably the best time to get yourself a wind-power promoting tee -- if that's your thing.
Last and certainly not least, t-shirt contest favorite, Design by Humans is celebrating their birthday by putting all t-shirts on sale for $12 and up -- to bad they couldn't all be just $12.Sorry if we're not making it easy for you to head out on your own Summer vacation, as you'll likely be spending on your gas money on t-shirts. But at least you'll look absolutely awesome cruising around your locality in your new t-shirts.

7 pennies earned:

StrangeDaze said...

Heh. I know, I was hoping all the DBH shirts would be $12. As it is, there are so many I have been looking at and love. Do you know if there is a shipping break if you buy a certain number? I'm so stoked for this sale.

Also, thanks for the info on the other sales and thanks so much for the coupon codes. You rock!

Adder_XYU said...

SD, DBH seems to be giving a shipping break on all orders over $70, so if you're buying six or more, you should get free shipping. Also, it appears SoS's coupon code WILL work for 10% off, even with the sale going on, so if you're under $70, you'll get an "unofficial" shipping break. Sorta ;)

Seriously, this is a pretty swank sale, and I imagine any wise shirt fan will be spending way too much over at Design By Humans this week, but just as cool is SoS keeping us abreast of the more obscure stuff (especially Wandering Whale, which could be very cool if it grows).

StrangeDaze said...

Thanks so much Adder. That's very helpful. I will definitely use the coupon code and possibly the other ;-). I wonder how I can justify this. :D
I also dig the Wandering Whale site and am happy to see more art appearing. I love the ink/watercolor look and use that in my own art often.

Andrew Olivier of Wandering Whale said...

oh man, I need to get my model shots done!
dont mind the toe peaking out of there haha!

firstly, this shot was done with a 4 year old digital camera, so the white line at the bottom is just a result of bad lighting from the seem, as it is a flawless print past the initial bottom seam.

secondly, this print was done by Jim Breen of Heartcore Clothing, and is done in such away to mimic the effects of the watercolor, with slight halftones and gradients to were the colors pick up and drop off. The Whale shirt (my other debut shirt) has varies bleeds in ink to mix both the reds and blues to get a rugged watercolor feel :)

hope that helps.
thanks for the mention

Mings said...

I was just looking over District Cotton's stuff, Wow, I am majorly impressed, Their billboard bags look great, and I am definitely thinking about getting one.

Adder_XYU said...

One more note re: the DBH "free shipping" concept... not too long ago, DBH offered free shipping for orders in excess of four shirts, as opposed to a dollar limit, but as I recall they allowed EITHER free shipping or a coupon code. I'd imagine this practice is no longer valid since DBH is much more successful now than it was then, but it is something to simply keep an eye out for.

Also, thanks, Andrew, for the insight into the tee process... there's nothing up that I think i'd buy just yet, but it's definitely a site worth keeping tabs on.

auggie24 said...

I think I have a pic or two out there showing off shirts I have acquired that show a dirty mirror or a toe or two also.

I like the District Cotton stuff... just not enough to add to my drawer congestion. Neat stuff on the Whale stuff, above my $$ threshold (wife doesn't mind 10-15 shirts, anything more, ummm, don't even want to imagine). And I need to do more perusing at DBH one of these days. Maybe because of how many shirts and there and how big the printing is, I generally have been turned off by them, although I do have to say the art is pretty much impeccable.

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