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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Ryde: Eggcellent

1 penny earned

Based on the accompanying text, we have to assume that the egg is a style of board:

Our vintage Eggcellent shirt was designed when conditions just don't call for your thruster and its not quite longboarding status. Then it's time to bust out the egg.
You can get this tshirt on sale today for $12 if you use the coupon code eggcellentday at checkout.

1 penny earned:

Mings said...

As someone who got shafted with Uneetee's Checkmate during a random, I can attest to the failure of bottom edge printing. Especially since AA shirts tend to be really long, A MS is long on me and I'm ~6'2", it tends to get bunched up and then you're just wearing a white shirt, and we know how much everyone likes those.

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