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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sentimental Clothing and Destee-Nation Expiration-Free Coupons

8 pennies earned

We're overjoyed to announce the addition of two new great retailers to our expiration-free t-shirt coupons collection, Sentimental Clothing and Destee-Nation Shirt Company!

Judging by their current collection of t-shirts, it seems that Sentimental Clothing started with a more hand-drawn feel and have since moved on to increasingly complicated vector-art graphics and designs. Just give a look-see at their most recent and complex addition, currently on pre-sale for $18.98, the koi tshirt pictured below.

For the information junkies out there, Sentimental Clothing is based out of Logan, Utah, and was founded in 2007 by Nate Bradshaw and Adam Brown; they print on all American Apparel shirts and very few of their designs are label-driven.

If you want to save 15% off your purchase at Sentimental Clothing, now through the end of all time, just use coupon code sentimental when you check out.Destee-Nation, on the other hand, is a label-whore. Seriously. These guys travel all around the West Coast and Hawaii looking for the absolute most awesomest local branded t-shirts they can find. While places like Target and K-mart are happy putting out cheap reproductions of fictional businesses, the shirts you get from Destee-Nation are the real thing.

One of the best things about their site is the fact that you can search by shirt style, state or interest (category) -- making it incredibly easy to find the right authentic t-shirt for you. An now through perpetuity you can get a ginormous 25% off your order just by using the coupon code shirtsonsale.

While you could travel to these locales yourself to pick up all this coolness, it might cost a fair bit more than just letting these kids do the heavy lifting for you. Take, for example, the Matsumoto's Shave Ice t-shirt featured below. Anyone who's been to the North Shore has to stop by this shop -- and the shrimp trucks; who could forget the shrimp trucks? -- for what is supposedly some of the best shave ice on the island (although we have to give a shout out to Waiola Shave Ice, the true cold confection king).

If you forgot to pick up a tee or didn't have the cash while you were there, you can now get this shirt for only $16 shipped (with coupon). That's practically as inexpensive as if you got it there yourself!Don't forget, you should always stop by our expiration-free t-shirt coupons page before buying that tshirt online to see what deal we might have in store for you. Thanks for supporting the SoS community Destee-Nation and Sentimental Clothing!

8 pennies earned:

StrangeDaze said...

That Matsumoto shirt brings back memories. I love their shaved ice and I actually really like this shirt and love the color. It also looks incredibly soft.

As for the other shirt, well, I'm a bit koi-ed out. They are starting to feel meme-ish to me.

Good to see new additions though. Hope this blog keeps expanding!

Mings said...

Yay! Coupons help me not to break the bank while breaking the pole in my closet. I have WAY to many shirts already.

Eden said...

Am I the only person who still keeps their t-shirts in a drawer?

Anonymous said...

I talked to Ellie at Destee-Nation today, she said they have the Waiola Shave Ice shirt and will be launching it soon!

Eden said...

I don't remember ever seeing t-shirts at Waiola.


StrangeDaze said...

Well, I don't have a pole in my closet...

Mings said...

I'm thinking about switching to the drawer or shelf, but for me, the closet still helps me keep things organized. I know that I probably wouldn't take the time to fold my shirts, so they'd probably all be in wads on the shelf/drawer, and then they look horrible when I wear them.

Matt Morgan said...

Ellie's right of course, Waiola Shave Ice is on the way. Check back at in coming weeks.... (Hey Ellie, I thot you missed that meeting!)

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