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Friday, July 25, 2008

Shirt a Day: Beer Now Cheaper Than Gas

5 pennies earned

This shirt, which exhorts your common citizen to "Drink, don't drive!" is certainly a favorite, especially with the high-gas-price-joke-telling set.

At least the high price of gas gives us an excuse to drink more beer.

5 pennies earned:

cheezisyum21 said...

to say it bluntly...i've seen this too much.
i feel like i've seen it on shirts before [maybe that's because i was at beach week this year for seniors and they have them for cheap on the boardwalk].

to be blunt, it's just an overused saying to me. and i wouldn't get a shirt with it on it. [i think its kind of trashy lol]

Mings said...

Woo, another drinking shirt from SaD, sad.

Thomas said...

Shirts like this have never really cut it for me. I'd much prefer nifty art to snappy slogans.

cheezisyum21 said...

yes, i agree.
the art is so much more original than cheap, commonly-used euphemisms.

StrangeDaze said...

I'd honestly be shocked to see something really different from SaD. Pleasantly shocked, though.

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