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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ShirtaDay: Got Beer?

10 pennies earned

Got originality?

10 pennies earned:

auggie24 said...

Although Eden pretty much took my original comment, here's a few I'd like to put out there:

Got a life?

Got a brain?

Got humor?

Got too much spare change and too little taste?


Let's see what else people can throw out here...

Mings said...

Got shirts that are only funny when drunk?

Ryan said...

Got shirts that still aren't funny when drunk? :)

Thomas said...

SAD is on a long downhill streak.

StrangeDaze said...

Got the idea that the monkey on tgentry's shirt in Monkey Play could do better?

Eden said...

Got talent?
Got skillz?
Got a clue?
Got lame regulars?
Got nothing to say?
Got yawns?

Hilariously enough, auggie24, the first thing I thought of after "got originality" was "got a life?"

Ryan said...

Wow, strangedaze, esoteric comment -- but very awesome!

auggie24 said...

SD- nice! I am sure that the monkey would do better - but probably not for that site. Not sure people who buy would catch the drift on that one.

Eden said...

auggie24 -- So you're saying that the monkey wouldn't lower its standards enough to work at SaD? Ouch!

auggie24 said...

Pretty much. Would you lower your's to work at SaD? (well, I guess it would depend upon how much they paid...)

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