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Monday, July 21, 2008

Shirtaday: I'm Going For A 4.0!

7 pennies earned

Aw! Another adorable college shirt. Does SaD have any idea what a 4.0 BAC stands for? *dusts off textbook* A BAC of 0.01 means your blood is now 1% alcohol. A 0.50 BAC means your blood is 50% alcohol, and a BAC of 1.00 means you no longer have blood, you have alcohol for blood.

4.0, though? Really, SaD?

(Not even going to mention the spelling of "Alchohol.")

7 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

lol binge drinking.

Mings said...

Wow, yet another epic fail from SaD, but really, I doubt anyone would notice. It's actually a pretty funny shirt.

lolcats said...

Oh hai, I can has alcohol poisoning plz?

Eden said...

If you're gonna lolcats it, you've gotta do it right: 2 much Cap'n

Thomas said... pretty much covered this one. Nothing else to say.

Adder_XYU said...

For a site that has lovingly attacked this fine blog for less than favorable reviews, you'd think that Shirt-A-Day might spend one minute away from watching Superbad and Anchorman to deal with a simple spell-check. Y'know, so they didn't make it TOO easy.

Now excuse me. I have some AlcHohol to drink. whatever that is.

Eden said...

The crazy thing is, it wasn't even two weeks ago that they made the exact same mistake.

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