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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shirt.Woot: Circuit-ulatory System

4 pennies earned

Hmm, given a choice between:
1. This design by WeezTheJuice for $10 today
2. Alexey Botkov's very similar Inside for $16.99 today
3. Waiting until Botkov's design goes on sale again for $10

I would probably wait for the Uneetee sale -- even though that print has less heart. But I've a lot of patience.
How about you?

4 pennies earned:

lepid0ptera said...

The woot shirt is good looking and punny. Botkov's design is too blah- the colors are no good, and it's just a regular circuit board. How could possibly prefer it?

Ryan said...

It's an opinion, everyone's allowed to have one! I personally don't care for the brush-strokey lines of the heart on the shirt.woot design.. it takes away from the cleanness of the overall design.

However, Wooters don't care -- it's already sold out!

Eden said...

What you found less engaging about Inside is exactly the reason I prefer it more, lepid0ptera. It seems cleaner and more mechanical to me without being cluttered and overdone (not that either design is cluttered and overdone). I like that it is a regular circuit board and just includes the single larger component to imply the heart without having to get explicit about it.

Anyway, congratulations WeezTheJuice on the quick sellout.

StrangeDaze said...

My preference is the Uneetee shirt. The other shirt seems too literal and the components don't resonate together for me. The other does seems cleaner in its design.

I do love the Uneetee Insaneetee sales though. I've picked up quite a few that I've missed.

I also have to quote Ryan that "Wooters don't care." Their picks often do sell out. This particular design did nothing for me, but, I'm rarely on the same page as their derby winners.

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