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Friday, July 25, 2008

Shirt.Woot: Curious Little Turtle

4 pennies earned

With today's derby-winning design noisdois shows us what happens when turtle meets the oddly familiar looking grenade. It's not a pretty picture - but it is a pretty design if you're looking for a chortle.

Anyone for tortoise stew?

4 pennies earned:

Thomas said...

I would wear this, but I would pay $10 for it. Sorry, Shirt.Woot.

Mings said...

Well, at least it's sold out. Now you're not tempted! And don't you mean would NOT pay $10?

cheezisyum21 said...

wow, i was actually going to buy this...i was going back and forth about it at about 1 am, and went to sleep thinking that i was going to buy it...only to wake up and see it SOLD OUT at 8 in the morning...
that's very unfortunate for me :/

Thomas said...

Bah. Right. I meant I WOULDN'T pay the $10.

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