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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shirt.Woot: I am Taller Than Most Things

5 pennies earned

What can we say about epicodell's derby-placing giraffe design?'s got a long neck!?

5 pennies earned:

Ryan said...

This is gonna be one disappointing weekend if Cheesesandwich's Wall Pixels doesn't place.

StrangeDaze said...

A tie would be nice. It might make up for the theme which I think does most of the designs no favors.
It would work with computer/videogame designs but of course those were outlawed so I still wonder what was the point.
Thinking outside the box is a good thing except when that gets you a shirt made of boxes.

Ryan said...

Agreed -- I think they could've at least made the pixel area larger than 64x80. That's freaking tiny. If you make that area even twice that size, you're looking at twice as intricate designs, which I think would've benefited the Derby because from far away, they'd still look like designs rather than pixels.

auggie24 said...

And a tie it was. If nothing else, I have a $5 comfy work out shirt with cheese's design, whilst the wife has an ok design with KLS's.

Eden said...

Good call on the tie, SD.

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