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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shirt.Woot: Me-Too Birds Flee a Pander Tree

10 pennies earned

Quick! What do you do when out in a field with no shelter during a massive lightning storm and you feel your hair stand on end?

If you said you should lie down than you're more than likely a toasted marshmallow already. Instead, you should drop down to your knees and put your hands on your legs, making sure you don't touch all your limbs down to the ground.

Bet you didn't know that, tgentry. Did you?

10 pennies earned:

auggie24 said...

Gotta love a little meta-commentary! If it weren't for the bird silhouettes... and maybe the tree... and definitely not on asphalt, I would get it. As it is, I think I've seen too many of each lately on s.w... Oh well. Shoulda grabbed the turtle yesterday.

StrangeDaze said...

Yep, it meets all the criteria for things I dislike. While I can appreciate the "joke", people are still "flocking" to it, which, of course, proves its point.
Woot should just have a bird/tree derby already and be done with it.

Mings said...

Ok, for those of us in the clueless section, what's the joke?

Like Auggie, I have WAY too many SW shirts in this palette. Everyone thinks I'm emo now, since I seem to always be wearing either gray or black.

Thomas said...

I like the design, but I'm not sure I'd wear it. Maybe if it was gray on white with black lightning. Or summat like that. But not this.

StrangeDaze said...

The "joke" is that wooters love bird/tree shirts and vote them up into the fog no matter if there is creativity there or not and often can push out more creative pieces.
There was a shirt in the fog this derby that was a bird silhouette and was supposed to be having an "emergency" though many didn't see it that way. It "soared" into the fog.
People were commenting how "freebird" had just been printed and how similar this was, not to mention, the two raven shirts, etc.

Anyway, tg made this shirt in response (it seems) and, true to form, it rose up to 2nd place. Hence, the "pander tree" reference. I won't criticize the shirt because it's not bad art. I just would never wear it.

Mings said...

Wow, that's what i get for not hanging around the Woot forums much, that's great. Someone should make a pirate/ninja/robot/portal/bird silhouette shirt.

StrangeDaze said...

While a zombie lolcat eating a turtle looks on...

auggie24 said...

2424 shirts sold... and some were unaware of the 'meaning'. I even liked the guttersnipe reference in the write up. I thoroughly enjoyed the shirt, and tgentry earned a bit o' dough for 15-20 minutes worth of work. More power to him... at least it is better than the monster forecast one.

cheezisyum21 said...

i guess i'm just naive to the meaning, or don't really care that the artist is probably making fun of me. but i bought this shirt. i think that it's a good design, whether the artist is making fun of me or not, people that see me wearing the shirt aren't going to know. they're just going to be like "look at that kid with the cool shirt" lol.

StrangeDaze said...

That's cool. It's all a matter of preference as I've observed bigtime while reading comments on different t-shirt/art sites.
I guess I am just looking for something more unique, that I can't buy at the local shopping mall (which is full of trees, birds and vector pack shirts). Not that this is clip art as I'm sure it's original if it's tgentry.

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