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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shirt.Woot: Mr. M-

4 pennies earned

Surprising choice of Greg Abbott to print gray on gray, although JadenKale has a good explanation for this. Definitely a better version of a math shirt than the typical Mathletes tee you might have seen in a high school near you or Never Been Kissed.

4 pennies earned:

Adder_XYU said...

I originally balked at Woot's "I'm From The Streets" because I worried that it would be difficult to see on the heather. While that specific shirt seemed to come out pretty well, i have a very similar fear on this print, amplified even moreso with the far more similar shades... I simply don't know how this will print, and my gut reaction is the answer will be "very very poorly"

auggie24 said...

Again, too punny. I'd say it would work better on slate gray, but that pretty much means asphalt in woot terminology, and we all know how wooters love asphalt...

Hoping for a couple of good ones this weekend, though.

Mings said...

I like the idea of printing on heather, but like Adder said, there just isn't enough contrast in the shirt to make it workable. Plus, puns on shirts aren't nearly as cool as woot thinks they are. Doesn't everyone know that inside jokes are now "in"?

StrangeDaze said...

I actually think this is one of the worst shirts I've seen on Woot. I don't think it's remotely funny or clever. It looks like it was made for a kid and the gray on heather gray doesn't show up at all - or maybe that's the point?

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