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Friday, July 18, 2008

Shirt.Woot: Sunset 3.0

12 pennies earned

The pixelated sun waves emanating from the tree in riffmaster18's derby-winning design hearken to an early Eighties daytime Starry Night.
We strongly recommend you click the above picture just to read Woot Shirt's explanation of riffmaster18's name. Truly classic.

12 pennies earned:

auggie24 said...

I feel bad for the riffmaster... A couple of GREAT shirts offed by the rejectionator, and kinda like 'Why Can't I Fly, Friend', I feel this is a sub-par replacement that got sympathy votes. That said... This derby was a difficult one to compete in, and riffmaster18 did almost as good a job as the other contenders.

StrangeDaze said...

I agree that his other entries were cool, but I think some voted based on the color choices with this one.
I definitely agree that the derby was both difficult and one of the worst.
Personally I can't decide about getting it because I am just not a fan of pixelated shirts and I have fears that it will look even more jagged in person.

auggie24 said...

StrangeDaze, I am 'on the fence'. I may actually shell out $15 next weekend if this looks good in real life, or give myself a pat on the back for staying away. We'll see.

StrangeDaze said...

LOL, I hear you. I liked the way it looked on the derby page, but, something about the way it looks on the shirt.woot page just seems different. It also looks like a really large design.
I keep wishing it were high-resolution because I like the colors and the red shirt (have every woot color but that one). Still, I remain on the fence (it's a bit uncomfortable).

I think your idea is sound though. I'll probably wait till morning then take another look.

Adder_XYU said...

This is why people need to really consider what they're voting for. I'm not about to dig up the old chestnut that people vote without intent to buy, but in this case I think people DID vote without really thinking about what it would look like. The woot mock-up all but proves this... besides proving that this whole "pixel" thing is likely to look a lot rougher in a shirt-sized canvas, it shows the design as way boxier... I think a lot of people will be very disappointed with this shirt and quite possibly this whole weekend of shirts.

auggie24 said...

Adder, true enough. It does look horrible on the mock-up. I think from 50 paces the shirt would look good, but get up close and someone might think that the wearer was starting up their own screenprinting business in their basement.

That said, I hope the Sunflower shirt by theinfinityloop gets an HM. I also liked pixel collision. Oh well. Can't win them all, huh?

StrangeDaze said...

It was a very strange derby idea imho. I agree with you auggie that up close it would look like someone may have had the printing resolution wrong.
I think I'm going to have to pass on this one. I've had too many impulse t buys I've regretted and I'm trying to cut down, lol.

Thomas said...

It's too... square.

Kevin said...

I actually don't like the much vaunted colour scheme. The design itself is stronger IMO

justin said...

i like it, but i think others were better, i made a few suggestions on my site.

Ryan said...

Sigh... 588 votes, and just 485 shirts sold to date.

The Derby is SERIOUSLY flawed. Thorax Dentata, as someone noted, has sold more than this.

Adder_XYU said...

It really is a pretty big milestone, though not a favorable one... this is the only derby print (first, second, or third) to ever not sell more shirts than votes, and it might well be the worst selling derby shirt to date.

You're right, Ryan, the derby is definitely in a bad place, and this should scream it to anyone. However, given the current derby, it doesn't seem like woot has caught on yet.

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