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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shirt.Woot: Thorax Dentata

6 pennies earned

Sounds kind of like Hakuna Matata.. though we're not really sure what the meaning of today's Shirt.Woot is.

Not much to see here today, unfortunately, unless you like wearing gums that seem to bleed black blood, or sparkly white contrast on a grungy black background. Whichever way you want to look at it (and it does sort of resemble a Rorschach inkblot), today doesn't look like a good day for sales at Shirt.Woot.

[On a side note, anyone catch that heck of an all-star game last night?]

6 pennies earned:

Eden said...

Silly boy, these are chest teeth. Didn't you learn anything in college?

Chest teeth, as anyone with any sort of medical knowledge is aware, are a common affliction of the fashion-deficient.

StrangeDaze said...

Haha. And, here I was thinking it was a malformed twin.

Eden said...

It's oddly reminiscent of the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show Lips.

Anonymous said...

looks like my wife's, cousin's, brother's, uncle's smile!! yee haww!!

Thomas said...

Apparently, he's been bitten through the torso from the back. Which sounds incredibly painful. (Not to mention difficult to accomplish.)

Kevin said...

Imagine the fun a dentist could have wearing a t-shirt like this. It would instantly lend itself to hundreds of bad jokes and one-liners.

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