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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer T-shirt Sales Galore

3 pennies earned

Our regular readers will know that we don't normally lump together a bunch of sales in one post, but a recent canvas of online t-shirt vendors found too many Summer sales for us to create an in-depth writeup for each and get them out to you in time. Instead, we'll steal a page from Fantastic Blognanza and give them all to you in condensed form.

LaFraise has some gorgeous full-color designs that take advantage of the t-shirt as canvas and they're now offering 25% off your order with coupon code LFSALES08. The t-shirt we've chosen to feature below, while not one of their best designs, exemplifies the large prints and interesting motifs that LaFraise tackles -- and it reminds us too much of the film Magnolia to let it sit out in the rain. Just be aware that this company is powered by Spreadshirt, in case that affects your buying decisions.

Love and Tug
is a British outfit with a New York fetish (or so it seems). While their faces with triangles are semi-Warhol, it was their shodo-style sparse portraits -- featured below-- that first drew our attention. Too bad the faces all seem to be staring right at a L&T logo. Regardless, during their Summer sale all men's tees are £15, women's t-shirts are only £12 and the second shirt is shipped free.

If cute rabbits are your thing -- and we don't doubt that possibility based on your response to A Bear for a Bear -- than you definitely want to check out Fat Rabbit Farm's 15% off Summer sale. Bunzooka, pictured below, is a prime example of the sort of silly bunniness you can find among their offerings.

Threadpit is one of those humorous t-shirt sites stuffed to the gills with sarcastisc, caustic, television and stupid funny shirts. The difference is, this crew at least seems to care a little more than their competition about putting up quality work. Right now they're offering 10% off of orders of $50 or more, a bunch of sale teeshirts for less than $10 and even include a random shirt for only $3.95...if you're willing to take the risk.

Last, but certainly not least, To Die For is offering 40% off t-shirts for their Summer sale. Here you will find some tattoo and urban-flavored clothing as well as some highly-branded tees. A prime example of this is the all-over print, Handstyles, which features numerous versions of the TDF name emblazoned everywhere (pictured below). While some go for that sort of thing, oversaturated label-love doesn't float our boat.

3 pennies earned:

Eden said...

Just got word of another Summer sale: TrickGo Clothing is offering their organic and standard t-shirts on sale for up to 40% off standard retail. While their work, like the stand-out Polaroid shirt, is moderately interesting, there really isn't anything special to recommend this label.

StrangeDaze said...

Lately it seems like tons of t-shirt sites are cropping up. If they are doing it by commission, I suppose I can understand it, but, what I am curious about is whether the ones that offer prizes to the artists turn a good profit.
For example, does DBH sell that many shirts? They have awesome designs but the cost plus shipping is prohibitive for me to buy more than a few. Yet, they give out large prizes to the artists. I understand that this is not just a business but a community and I respect that. I love that they support art.
Actually, I think Woot has the best business model. Although some of the shirts are dogs, some are truly great and you can't beat the cost plus the free shipping via Smartpost. Their fee to the artist is generous, yet they easily recoup this. Not to mention that it is completely addictive. I have way too many Woot shirts.
By having derbies, they have a built-in audience as people vote and get attached to the shirts that win. The derby winners are often jokes or simplistic yet they sell.
What I wish is, that when they have dailies from some of the cooler graphic t artists out there, that they had some of the better designs from those artists.
Anyway, just some ramblings about the business.
I think it would be great if someone opened a site and was able to print the derby almost-wins that were popular and pretty spectacular as well as some of the Uneetee, Threadless and DBH submissions that didn't make it when the rights revert to the author.
Sort of like Second-chance shirts. I know they show up on Cafepress and some other smaller sites, but, it would be nice for some of us to have one site to check and good quality printing.
Ah, ok, enough rambling. Just some thoughts and questions.

Eden said...

Rambling is allowed and often encouraged ;)

Actually, there is a site that tries to do just what you've requested, consolidate some of the best losers from Shirt.Woot, Threadless, Uneetee and other similar tshirt contest sites: Pooby 5. Not only do they collect these "near winners," they sell their shirts for only $10 on Tuesdays -- $11 other days.

Enough of a ringing endorsement, though. They don't have a lot of shirts -- nine as of right now, and that includes a simple logo tee. Also, the shirts they do have are hit and miss...which may be why they missed out on first place in their respective races(?)

In terms of the Woot business model. They've truly got it figured out -- especially for what some might consider a glutted market.

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