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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TeeFury: Conference of the Batmen

7 pennies earned

At first, you're like...WHA HAPPENED??

And then you look at Tom Burns picture a little more closely -- or you read Tee Fury's explanation -- and figure out that the other four schmos in the picture are the modern movie Batmen. And while the audience, West-lovers, are a great niche to target, the execution is a little too hokey for even those cheese-a-thon enthusiasts.

Wow! Quite a departure from yesterday's tee and, while it isn't to our taste, still shows promise for the future of Tee Fury -- we are going to see some colors on these inexpensive tshirts.

7 pennies earned:

StrangeDaze said...

It's so different than yesterday's shirt. While it's not my cup of tea, it does show that Teefury seems to want to mix it up which can be a good thing.

Ryan said...

Yeah.. it seems like it'll be similar to Woot's mix of serious design and hokey laughables.

Which brings to mind, who's YOUR favorite Batman, guys?

auggie24 said...

Christian Bale has been doing an admirable job...

But I'd like to get back the $4.50 plus snacks for Val Kilmer's crack at Batman...

Eden said...

Firstly, I don't think it's fair to ask the question without giving your opinion first, but thanks for asking, Ryan, as it gives me a chance to get up on the soapbox about a related issue.

Forgot to mention it in the review, but I currently have some serious reservations about the tastemakers at TeeFury thanks to their side comments on today's design.

Seriously!? Dark Knight as best movie ever...or even this year!? What are you thinking? Sure, Heath Ledger was an excellent Joker, but the movie just tried too hard. Between the duel antagonists (mis-spelling intended) and the hoarse-voice-off between Christian Bale and Aaron Eckhart I just couldn't hold back the chuckles.

Sure, it was fun...but best movie of the year!? Did you even see The Visitor? How about another film that both Ledger and Bale were in...did you have a chance to catch Todd Haynes I'm Not There? Hopefully your taste in t-shirts doesn't match your cinematic delights.

Anyway, on to the question at hand. Who's the best Batman? While Adam West makes a great mayor, he wasn't quite fit enough for my Batmanic gratification. Bale does the dark excellent, but he isn't as suave as a Clooney. Kilmer was just too blonde for me. I guess that leaves it between Clooney and Keaton. Granted, I've never seen the Clooney Batman in his full glory and I haven't seen that other Batguy since he was on the big screen. But if I remember correctly, he wasn't half bad. I guess I'll have to go with Michael Keaton by default -- but I wouldn't back him up in a fight or anything...

Ryan said...

Fair enough. I can't take Clooney seriously given his other roles, and West does make a better mayor than Batman. (nice.) Right now, my money's on Bale, for mastering the voice and generally having the coolest gadgetry at his disposal. Keaton just didn't really do it for me, I guess.

I really enjoyed the Dark Knight, myself.. though, of course, I felt like the Joker's plotline felt unfinished. Ledger did an amazing job in making the Joker seem absolutely horrifying.

Adder_XYU said...

I don't know if the Joker is -supposed- to be horrifying, though. He's the Joker. And while giving someone like the Riddler a bit more pathos and insanity would be delightful, the Joker seems to be more of a crimelord who happens to be enamored with practical jokes and making his would-be captors look like fools... not a guy to be taken lightly, but a much less serious character in general. Not all villains are supervillains, especially when you're Batman, an average guy with a belt, and to me making a Joker as serious as Ledger seems to have played it, from the reviews I've seen, seems to be more evident of the emogothing of American youth than of really getting into the Joker character.

Oh, and the tee... not for me, but a definite departure from the last one, timely and interesting. A diverse catalog is its own reward... I just wish we knew how many shirts constituted a Sell-Out

Mings said...

This shirt just strikes me a strange, Given what I've seen in these comments, there is no generally accepted "best" Batman, so you are already taking a 1/5 chance that people that have watched all the movies actually think West is the best, not to mention that for having a shirt that's cashing in on the recent Batman fan community built around the most recent movies with Christian Bale, it pictures him getting beaten by another guy?

I mean, I haven't seen any of the other Batman movies besides Dark Knight, and i would suspect that 90% of my friends couldn't name more than 2 of the five actors.

Today, Teefury has made it easy for me to save my $11. Mostly because even if I wore this to DragonCon, there probably wouldn't be that many people that would get/like it. Stick to the art shirts, not the eclectic fanboy shirts.

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