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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

TeeFury: Hope

14 pennies earned

Sorry about the slightly lately than start this evening, but we've been a brand new t-shirt site you'll get to see featured here every day they debut a new teeshirt on sale (Midnight EST).

You see, they've taken the Shirt.Woot model and gone one step further -- after the debut sale day and/or their t-shirt stocks sell out (whichever comes first), that t-shirt design is retired forever...or so they say. It seems the t-shirt designers do get to keep 100% of the rights to their own work, so you might find it via another avenue.

The real draw for readers of SoS is, of course, the price point. While no one seems able to break the Shirt.Woot $10 shipped tee, Tee Fury's tshirts are just $1 more shipped. That's right, you can get their shirts for $11 (shipping included), as long as you're willing to wait for it.

Anyway...enough gab about how this new contender in the daily t-shirt website world works...let's talk about their first t-shirt:

Nice to see a beautiful design and optimistic debut tee, created by renowned artist, Jimiyo.

While we're a little surprised TeeFury (they spell it both ways too) opted for a single-color design for their first print -- as opposed to a multi-screen print to prove they're not just doing this cheapy-style -- the drawing and printing placement are absolutely alluring.

Not quite getting the gramaphone in the picture...but why not, right?

14 pennies earned:

Mings said...

Oh dang... This is exactly what my budget didn't need, Uneetee quality shirts for $11. I'm hooked.

Adder_XYU said...

Glad you guys are picking up Teefury on the reviews... they've got a real unique concept, and it feels like it's really about the shirts and the artists, not just the money... just giving a shirt a chance to print. And to start with an artist like Jimiyo, you know there must be some serious talent involved in the experiment.

In my wildest dreams, I want to see Teefury give woot some meaningful competition... in a lot of ways I feel the quality at the latter site is really being compromised lately, and maybe having a true peer, both in price and target audience, might make woot really take inventory of how to improve their own shirt site now that it's a year old.

Thomas said...

This excites me.

I'm going to waste SO much money.

StrangeDaze said...

Haha Mings! Got ya! I knew you'd be tempted.

I agree with Adder that it's great that you'll be featuring Teefury here. I was just mentioning the other day how it's Shirt Woot's prices that really make the difference (w/free shipping). Maybe now, with some competition, we will see greater quality here. Maybe not. Just stop the dang disproportionate generic bird silhouettes already woot! /rant over

Either way, there's a new kid in town. I'm very impressed that they chose jimiyo as their debut artist. He really is outstanding in the t-shirt universe for so many reasons which I think I've mentioned before. That's a great shirt for a debut too. I really love the placement.

Looking forward to seeing more... and.... maybe I better take a second job.

Thanks Eden for the new site info!!! :D

Mings said...

You know, there's such a community building here on SoS, It almost seems like we should make an actual forum instead of having to do everything in comments, but I'm not sure what the Shirt Gods will.

Eden said...

Well, right now there's such a community, but that's probably because we're giving away a $50 gift card at the end of the month.

If we though that you all would be interested in shooting the shirt in another forum, we'd be more than happy to provide it for you.

In fact, we've already got a forum set up and ready to go.

So, what do you think?

Mings said...

I've seen some blogs where the comments section is actually directly linked into the forum, so that everything is double posted, both below the post it's commenting on, and in the thread in the forum. I'm just thinking that the bast way to keep people coming even after the end of this month is to give them some place to be hooked into, talk about things other than shirts, etc.

I mean, I'll admit that the reason I'm an active poster now is because of the contest, but from what I've seen on other online communities, the best way to keep people interested in the site is to let them talk about things not related to the content of the site. That way, you check the site not only for it's express purpose, but also for the ongoing conversations you are having with the other members.

StrangeDaze said...

I don't know. I'll be honest with you. I used to comment before the contest when I wanted to see what others thought or wanted to comment on a shirt or post here.
I always wanted more people to talk because I wanted to see what they were thinking about the latest offerings.
I see that more are doing that now, but, would they continue in another forum? I kind of like it here, but, would not mind a forum.

Eden said...

Mings definitely has the right idea. The best way would be to integrate the two so that users could use either seamlessly. Sadly, we don't currently have the technology/money to make that happen.

I agree, too, that people should be able to write about stuff beyond just the "shirt in question." Fortunately there are already a few t-shirt forums that let you do that and we don't want to shove our way into an already over-crowded market.

I've always appreciated your comments, SD -- and your encouraging words regarding the SoS community. Congrats on getting well past the 50-comment mark. That's quite an achievement considering how uni-directional this site has classically been.

Mings said...

Just a thought that might help in the interim, but maybe have one post every day that introduces some random discussion topic? That way people have something fun to discuss. Maybe something like an odd picture, or maybe just a topic such as "Your best joke"

Eden said...

Thanks for the idea, Mings. We really try to stay focused on the t-shirts (for our RSS readers), but that's not a bad way to go. We'll definitely kick the idea around a bit and see what comes up.

jimiyo said...

I purposely pitched a one color print because being a new site, I figured they should test the waters with a simple print design. I know it's horribly pragmatic especially when you are speaking of art, but they are also a business. Also I sent them an art file without any contracts being involved, (just unofficial email correspondence) although I hesitated at first, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. They seem like good people to me. I would assume this is also a reason they were able to put mine first.

Anyways, I would guess the other artists will not being thinking in such a manner so I would assume that multiple color designs will begin to crop up. Cheers! ;j

jimiyo said...

Oh yeah, hey, Thank you for the very flattering description of my identity. Curtsy.

StrangeDaze said...

Totally makes sense jimi, but, you're thoughtful that way...hope to see more of your art there! I still love the revolution rats...
Eden, thanks! I've always very much appreciated your comments too, both on the shirts and in responses. In fact, that's what got me to write more here. I think my first couple of posts were as the oft-used "anonymous", but, I liked hearing what you had to say. Hoped others would jump in too. I love it when there's a good discussion going.

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