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Friday, July 25, 2008

TeeFury: My Tank Is Empty

8 pennies earned

Well, here we are just three short days into TeeFury's startup, and already we have an obligatory skull t-shirt. Today's $9 zinger by m. Brady Clark, at least makes things a little different and relevant by adding a death-flavored gasoline shortage twing to it, which makes it worth the $11 shipped, along with the fact that it would probably look preee-e-e-tty bitchin' with some 3D specs!

8 pennies earned:

Thomas said...

I keep a pair of 3D glasses by my computer for such occasions and I'm sad to report that it doesn't really do anything.

Eden said...

You too!?

cheezisyum21 said...

...buying gas KILLS my wallet
[especially when i only worked 11 hours last week, and spent literally half of my paycheck on gas 2 minutes after i get paid]

i'm not that into skull and cross bones, but i like the idea of the wickedness of gas and how it enthralls our culture.

StrangeDaze said...

I like the variety of tees so far on Teefury but what I also love is the column on the right which tells us about the artist and has them do a small interview. It really feels like they care about the art and the artist here.

Mings said...

I dunno, skulls aren't me. Nice design though.

@Cheez: Time to get a Vespa? 70 MPG is looking really tempting now.

Thomas said...

A Vespa? Nah. Preorder an Aptera. ( They get 300 MPG and they look frikkin' sweet.

@Eden: Ever since I discovered how to convert my photoshop pictures into red/cyan 3D, I've had a pair by my computer.

cheezisyum21 said...

haha, i'm about to just get out the old bicycle, if this keeps up...especially since i have no money for a new car [lol college kids have no money i hate it!! and i spend all my money on gas, food, and t shirts haha]]

Mings said...


Ah, but a Vespa is $4000 and a Aptera is ~$28000, for that extra $24000, that will easily pay for the difference in gas. It does look really sweet though.

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