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Saturday, July 26, 2008

TeeFury: Thor

6 pennies earned

Ásatrú of the world, rejoice! You finally have a bad-ass deity shirt to wear when you head out to your Bealtaine gathering. This dark-cloud design isn't something that we're planning on wearing anytime soon, but we have to give respect to the use of comicbook-style pixelation and linework -- evident in the detail image available below.

More power to you, Zenne, for creating a complex design to challenge the novice TeeFury printers.

6 pennies earned:

StrangeDaze said...

Sweet design from a very talented artist. So far, I'm very impressed with TeeFury. Good t's, good artists, and good prices. I may not love them all but it's great to have a real contender to check out each day.
I do love the textures, linework and detail in this one.

Eden said...

SD, you're not just trying to butter us up for the $50, right?

cheezisyum21 said...

so i reallyreally like the details of this shirt. you can really appreciate the time and effort this artist must've put into this design, it looks amazing.

i'm glad that teefury has had such a wide variety in the past few days alone in their shirts...which probably means soon enough there will be something not as hardcore that i could pull off wearing.

StrangeDaze said...

Eden, I complimented them, not you.... :D :D :D Not that you don't deserve it ;-).

auggie24 said...

This would be a great rock concert shirt... If I only had it on Weds when Tom Petty was here...

Sweet job by Zenne.

Mings said...

Man, this is really tempting. I have a friend who would love this, he's a big mythology guy. I'll have to recommend it to him. I wish his birthday hadn't just gone by. Like SD, I'm becoming really impressed by Teefury's selection so far. Consistent quality, without being too repetitive. DbH it isn't; but for half the price, it's pretty good.

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