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Monday, July 28, 2008

Uneetee: Accident Prawn

11 pennies earned

This week's $12 t-shirt, brought to you by Uneetee and Loy follows in the cutesy vain of many of his previous winners (see Fugitive, Mr. File Attachment Got Dumped, 40 Winks, and Traffic Jam) but is just a little too odd for our tastes. We just get the feeling that you would have to spend more time explaining your shirt than it's worth...especially since we can't really figure out a good explanation for it ourselves.

If you are the type who is often accused of having your "head in the clouds" or being overly-romantic, Budi Satria Kwan's Stardust may be the right shirt for you. We love the Starry-Nightish artistry and conceit that a person could pull down the stars with enough willpower and a rope on display in this design.

It's yours for only $10 today if you want it.

11 pennies earned:

Thomas said...

I'm not a big fan of the prawn shirt, but the starry one... That one is cool. I want it.

StrangeDaze said...

Isn't it a play on accident-prone? I love the way his cast is signed. I actually like the illustration and the style and feel it pops on the blue. Also, it's simple enough to be cooler as I'm noticing that my "heavy ink" shirts aren't, especially today in the heat.
I would buy it if I weren't cutting back right now, waiting for a few of the woot derby winners to possibly make it. It does tempt me though...

As to the Stardust shirt? I have it and it is a great design/print. Highly recommend it if you like that style/color.

StrangeDaze said...

Can you edit posts here? Anyway, trying to think how he injured himself, well, he's probably one of those daredevil types. Maybe he was trying to find Nemo and... well, you get the gist of it. Anyway, he was lucky enough not to find himself in a prawn cocktail so he can't be that unlucky.
Man, why did you show me this shirt. Now, I'm very tempted, what with that plaintive look on his face.

Mings said...

I like this one, but not nearly enough to buy it. It's a great idea, and it's well executed.

I really like Uneetee's style, and hopefully they will continue to keep making stuff this good.

Eden said...

Unfortunately, the one downfall of the Blogger commenting system is that you can't edit, you can only erase. If we weren't using the inline comments you would be able to preview your response before posting, but that doesn't work with this new method yet.

Sorry to tempt you with the shrimp, but your purchases do make it possible for us to offer $50 gift certificates just for commenting or getting the Sad Rat in the top spot at Shirt.Woot -- when you use our links to visit the vendors. Of course, the great thing about Uneetee is that you have all week now to decide if you want to purchase this shirt for $12.

Meant to write in the review that the signed cast is wonderful, especially the one that says, "nice jump, loser" possibly giving away the cause of this castastrophe (okay, so you don't cast for shrimp, just fish, but I couldn't think of another suitable annoying pun).

Mings said...

Wait, so you guys make money when we click your link to take us to the site, where we then buy something? Or do we just click the link do go to the site?

Eden said...

As we state on our about us page, "sure, some of the links on this site are affiliate links, but a person's got to eat, right? Don't worry, though. Our affiliate status will never stop us from giving you our unbiased assessment on any product or vendor you'll find here. And thank you for helping us create great content by using our links."

We never make money just by sending you somewhere. But for some websites, when you buy from them, we get an affiliate commission.

StrangeDaze said...

I think that's very cool. If I buy my prawn, I'll definitely go through that link. But now, with so many sales going on, and awesome shirts all over, I'm busy looking for a second job to support my tshirt addiction (seriously) Ha!

Just got an email about a new sale full of awesomeness. Gah!!!!!

Eden said...

Just wait a minute. We're about to unleash another slew of t-shirt sales as well.

StrangeDaze said...

Just a quick update: The temptation of the prawn drew me in (purchased through this link of course).

Eden said...

You'll have to come back and let us know how it printed.

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