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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Uneetee: Amazing Childhood

6 pennies earned

This guy couldn't look any happier to be wearing geraud MARGERIT's (Uneetee's capitalization) Amazing Childhood teeshirt.

An enthralling design, but there are just too many other good t-shirt sales on now for you to spend your $12 on it today.

6 pennies earned:

Thomas said...

This whole design looks like some sort of futuristic lightbulb.

StrangeDaze said...

I got this shirt in a random from them and it's really not bad, though a bit large. Still, if it was such an amazing childhood, I agree with wondering why he looks so miserable.

Eden said...

Thomas - Apparently, this is what the lightbulbs after CFLs are supposed to look like.

StrangeDaze - The size of the print is often a make/break point for me. There are entirely too many shirts that have awesome designs and you feel like the artist (or printer -- whoever made the decision) feels that they have to SHOUT the awesomeness at you. Sometimes a little more subtlety goes a long way.

StrangeDaze said...

Absolutely agree. This is why I didn't buy the TeeFury shirt the other day though I loved the turquoise and parts of the art. I don't want to be a billboard and also some of the ink gets really heavy like "Lady Out of Water" which I otherwise love.
Also, a more subtle shirt is easier to match with patterns like camo shorts, etc.

Mings said...

I know Uneetee also has trouble with having things printed at a different size than is pictured. My friend got "I Believe I Can Fly" and it was printed way larger than it looks in the picture, almost covering the entire shirt.

auggie24 said...

... I believe I can touch the sky...

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