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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Uneetee: Freefalling

7 pennies earned

Caution: Buying Caitlin Mary's tshirt at the sale price of $10 today may cause you to get attacked by your stuffed Mogwai or something.

It may also make you look cooler, but that all depends on what's already in your closet -- or dresser.

7 pennies earned:

auggie24 said...

Don't wear this on your next one-way flight...

Mings said...

I've always enjoyed the simplicity of this design, It's not cluttered, just a few clean lines. Never forget, when you lie on your back, you have planes flying over.

StrangeDaze said...

Ha, Auggie. I wonder what airport security would think.

Eden said...

I hate to say it, but auggie24 just taught me how to be a better airline suicide bomber. I never thought about the fact that they would only need a one-way flight.

(from this point forward, btw, just be aware that every conversation on SoS is going to be monitored by US "intelligence" thanks to my comment -- I'm sure they think that our acronym is probably a code-word or something as well...)

StrangeDaze said...

Yep, probably Something Overly Suspicious.

auggie24 said...

Why pay for both ways?

Thanks for the laugh, Eden.

I am thinking of picking this up. Like the traffic jam one, I have been staring at this one a while and thinking about it. I like the clean lines, contrasting colors, and the clarity of the shirt as a whole.

Thomas said...

I like the shirt, but I've never been able to get into the whole "suicide bombing" thing. I could never get the hang of it.

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